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As a Chanel Lover, I am asking myself; is ‘Wool’ the right material to build this bag? And I think yes it is, because we need variations of Chanel bags in order to keep us busy. The new bag for the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection is the Chanel Wool Flap Bag,

And because its Wool + Seasonal, the price of this bag is affordable. So if you have waited for the perfect opportunity to catch your very own Chanel Bag and couldn’t pay for the Classics (we all know how much price increase we experience the last time, CRAZY!), well here you go.

The Wool Flap Bag comes in three sizes; the mini, small and medium. The appearance and the shape is exactly what you expect from a Chanel Flap Bag, however there are special decoration embellished, like the stripes on the edges and it comes with a flower (or what seems to be) badge on the right-front of the flap. You can also get a charm, which is attached to the chains.

It’s available in silver hardware and different color. We presented one with a real-image, so you can see in details how beautiful it actually is. But honestly, would you go for Wool? How about the maintenance?


Chanel Mini Wool Flap Bag with Braid And Edelweiss
Style code: A92927
Size: 5.5′ x 8.7′ x 2.8′ inches
Price: $3000 USD, €2250 euro, £1620 GBP


Chanel Small Wool Flap Bag with Braid And Edelweiss
Style code: A92928
Size: 6.3 x 11′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $3100 USD, €2350 euro, £1695 GBP


Chanel Medium Wool Flap Bag with Braid And Edelweiss
Style code: A92929
Size: 7.5′ x 10.8′ x 3.7′ inches
Price: $3300 USD, £1800 GBP


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