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Dior girls, unite! Today, we’re going to feature another delectable piece that’s sure to amaze you, the Dior Diorissimo Voyageur Paradise Wallet! Part-street art, part-high fashion, this wallet is totally the next best thing to owning paradise (because it’s paradise…literally). Allow us to take you into a journey through the senses with this awesome leather piece!

Dior badges line this embossed calfskin baby, and are pretty cool too! This signature piece is out to give you more than your pretty penny’s worth – with a compact size and zip fastening, you’ll get a stylish and ultra-functional piece! Inside, it has a zipped pocket, two flat pockets, twelve card slots and two gusset compartments, giving you all the room that you need. It is also adorned with only the shiniest silver-tone hardware – brace yourselves, this baby will sparkle like never before!

Measuring 21cm x 11.5cm, you can get your very own Diorissimo Voyageur Paradise Wallet for €710 EUR or £560 GBP via Dior e-store.



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Dior is another luxury brand to contend with because of the overwhelming number of pieces they come-up with that seems to tickle our senses with every release. The Voyageur Wallet is no exception, of course, and it’s really getting much visibility these days. Of course, what’s not to love about the Voyageur? It’s highly functional for such a stylish piece. Business mixed with luxury, as they say.

This Medium Voyageur piece comes in a black lambskin exterior that’s adorned with an oversized graphic Cannage top-stitching. It also has a crest-shaped clasp in silver-tone metal, which complements the whole design. Inside, it has a zipped pocket, a separating pocket, three gusset compartments and eight card slots – perfect for the practical girl-on-the-go with discriminating fashion tastes!

Measuring 15.5cm x 9cm, you can get your very own Voyageur Wallet for €550 EUR or £460 GBP via Dior e-store.



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The perfect pair – Diorissimo Tote Bag with the Diorissimo Voyageur Wallet.

A minimalistic design, yet we can see that it’s build by high-skilled craftsmen. It’s a fine-looking fashion piece – spacious and combined with elegance and practicality.

Feel the grain when you touch it; it’s made from exquisite bull-calf leather. Though the leather is strong and durable, you want to keep it safe and far away from scratches and dirt.

The black Diorissimo Voyageur Wallet is a unique model because of the contrast between black exterior and rose Indien interior. The ‘Christian Dior Paris’ signature is written in the inside, which is also quite unique.

The interior features 2 gusset compartments, 2 flat pockets and 12 credit card slots. The bag opens and closes with a zipper and it also comes with a smaller-version of the iconic DIOR charm.

Refined with fine light gold jewelry, measuring 21 x 11.5 cm, priced at £590 GBP and €650 euro via DIOR boutique.




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