Saint Laurent Tulle Bucket Bag

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Saint Laurent Tulle Bucket Bag

Who knew Saint Laurent’s latest bag was dangling from the shelves of your local drugstore this whole time? Now that the famed French house has put their stamp of approval on the shower staple, you can feel free to go buy a pouf from Target, in your favorite color, of course, and attach it your favorite bag. Or just hang it from your wrist (just make sure you have pockets to store your actual stuff).

Fine, so I’ll give Saint Laurent credit for creating a teensy bit of storage. And their pouf only costs about $2,645 more than the one in your shower! Yes, there is a very small pouch buried underneath all that fluffy chaos. But then again, who cares? These endless layers of raw-cut tulle aren’t feminine and whimsical, which I can only assume is what they were going for; they are ugly and look like they should be foaming up a lather. Even the logo charm, topped with a tassel, isn’t stopping me from quietly wondering, “Where are the suds?” Saint Laurent bucket bag

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Alexander Mcqueen Tulle Flowers Box Clutch

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You have beautiful flowers, you have ugly flowers, but I am fascinated by Alexander McQueen’s creativity lately, so much floral clutches to choose from. They are well known for their impressive statement bags like the heroine totes, though flagrantly expensive, but worth every penny as it’s an one-time investment for a timeless, forever clutch. Tulle flowers and faux pearls takes us to wonderland, marry it with a pure white dress. With signature Swarovski encrusted skull as your clasp, I am pretty sure you will not get disappointed. Know that white leather lining is perfect for the night out or for the romantic date. Available at Matches Fashion.


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