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Tod’s are doing their best to deliver experience to the world of fashion that are unforgettable. Just recently, they have added a lot of charm in designing their Signature Collection. A series of fine shoulders bags and a few impressive totes have the store, all crafted from exquisite soft leather, worked with distinguishing three-dimensional pebble-effect texture and a classic magnetic button fastening embellished with a shiny metal buckle. These colors are timeless, light enough to flaunt during the spring summer and dark enough to use in the fall and winter. Take the Tod’s Signature Shoulder Bag for example, it has absolutely no intention to scream for attention, it just says: ‘made by traditional Italian craftsmanship’. Then we have Tod’s Signature Bucket Bags, it’s not the kind-of bucket that you might have in your mind, its functional tote, refined with exquisite perforated leather and pebble texture. It’s embellished with velvety nubuck side panels and it comes with twin feminine handles. It also comes with a removable purse crafted in the leather. The Tod’s signature shoulder bags are available in two sizes, the ‘mini’, ‘micro’ and small. The mini is measured 24,5 x 13 x 4,5 cm and priced at £745 GBP. The Micro is measured 18 x 13 x 5 cm and priced at £660 GBP and the small is a bit taller, measuring 25,5 x 19 x 6 cm and priced at £835 GBP. As for the final, the Tod’s signature bucket bags are priced from £1,050 to £ 1,300 GBP, the maxi size is measured 38 x 38 x 18 cm, just the same like you see the model toting on the picture below. At Tods e-store.

 tods-signature-collection-5 tods-signature-collection-9 tods-signature-collection-10 tods-signature-collection-7 tods-signature-collection-8 tods-signature-collection-4 tods-signature-collection-3


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Tod’s S/S15 Womens Slip-Ons

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tods_ss15-slip-onsYou think you’ve seen it all and then something comes along that changes your mind. Which is exactly how I’m feeling regarding Tod’s S/S15 slip-ons for women that just landed in my inbox. And while I wouldn’t go as far as calling them revolutionary, there’s something familiar, yet fresh about them all at once.

An elevated, even elegant update on the skate shoe that’s all the rage now, Tod’s went one up and did some creative embellishments of their own, from the weaved jute rope trim (or that’s what I think it is) that’s a nod to espadrilles, as well as the addition of a leather tongue that would surely add to the comfort of the shoe. Then again, it’s Tod’s, and as far as comfort goes, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Another piece of good news? They aren’t as pricey as you think they might be. The pair on the left with the denim finish will set you back by just SGD590, the pair on the right that comes in white leather and the sliver of silver (always wanted to say that in a sentence), SGD670. Which really isn’t so bad for shoes that can worn dressed-up or down, for work or play.

Available in other colour combinations as well (there’s one in beige leather and a splash of gold that’s also rather divine), I’ll end the post with some bad news. Boys, no luck on these for us, because they are strictly for the ladies. Unless you have really tiny feet, of course.

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TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve

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TOD’S Band and some of their models or actors or photographers, their professional sorts, but there is one thing in common they are all full of personality, passion for fashion. They common interpretation of wave doctrine. Cora Corre the also joined the TOD’S Band, although she was only 18 years old this year, but since she entered the modeling industry is very much concerned. Her interpretation of fashion is unique. Photo, holding her hand casually wave bag, but to demonstrate the process and the Aesthetic Movement in one wave bag.


TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve


TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve
The wave bag TOD’S welcomed not only by the cover girl, but there’s also rate highly in street shooting! Korea model (Sung Hee Kim) liked wave bag, and with everyday casual clothes.



TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve
TOD’S Italian brand, with attention to detail and the unconventional, intended to show the classic Italian style. Wave bag, also known as “mouth package”, it has with the public should not be sturdy styling and powerful features.



TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve
It saddlery craft and sport aesthetics in one, compact sewing zipper makes the bag more is hidden beneath the leather opening and closing position, distinctive pondering. Not only specially designed, practicality is also very good, after opening the bag body can be found inside the housing space is large, it really is truly “big mouth bag.”



TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve


TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve


TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve


TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve


TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve


TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve


TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve


TOD’S Band new wave bag you deserve

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Tod’s Hexagonal Studs Gommino Driving Shoes

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tods_hexagonal-studs-gommino-driving-shoesShort of calling them the most comfortable pair of loafers ever made, the Gommino Driving Shoes from Tod’s are wardrobe stables no woman (or man) should do without. And it’s not even about being fashionably-forward; these loafers have become as commonplace as say, flip-flops in our island city-state, a nod to stylish footwear that’s also easy on the feet.

More reasons to get a pair (or two) for yourself? Available in almost every colour you can imagine under the rainbow in leathers like patent leather, pebbled calf and suede, there’s really no reason not to, especially with the end-of-season sale now on at Tod’s that would make these babies even more affordable.

tods_hexagonal-studs-gommino-driving-shoes-coloursIf you’re wondering why these particular ones have the words hexagonal studs in its name, well, here you go. Each adorned with its own hexagonal studs metal brooch that looks like an oversized safety pin, it’s just the right amount of gold to give your pair of loafers that extra bling.

And while you’re picking yourself a pair, you could get something matching for your man, and if you’re all superstitious about that whole thing regarding giving loved ones shoes (because they would run away), do what I do and make the recipient give you like 2 bucks. Works like a charm.

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Tod’s Reteams with Grace Hartzel for Spring 2016 Campaign

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Grace Hartzel stars in Tod's spring-summer 2016 campaignGrace Hartzel stars in Tod’s spring-summer 2016 campaign

Tod’s unveils its spring-summer 2016 advertising campaign starring Grace Hartzel for the second consecutive season. Photographed by Michelangelo di Battista, the model poses in a vintage convertible while wearing the Italian accessories label’s iconic loafers and signature Wave handbag. With the new embellished loafers, Tod’s offers an updated version of luxury with the new campaign.


A closeup shot of Tod's loafer shoes paired with an image of model Grace HartzelA closeup shot of Tod’s loafer shoes paired with an image of model Grace HartzelTod's focuses on its updated loafer styles for the spring 2016 seasonTod’s focuses on its updated loafer styles for the spring 2016 seasonGrace Hartzel poses with Tod's Wave Bag in spring 2016 campaignGrace Hartzel poses with Tod’s Wave Bag in the Italian label’s spring 2016 campaign

Shop Tod’s New Arrivals on Nordstrom:

Tod's Gommini Guitar Embellished Driving Loafer

Tod’s Gommini Guitar Embellished Driving LoaferTod's Mini Cape Leather Tote Bag

Tod’s Mini Cape Leather Tote BagTod's Stacked Suede Heel Slingback Sandal

Tod’s Stacked Suede Heel Slingback SandalTod's Small Wave Bag with Lasercut Detail

Tod’s Small Wave Bag with Lasercut Detail

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Tod’s D-Cube Micro Bowler In Mink

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tods_d-cube-bowler-mink1If you have ever wondered what carrying a guinea pig feels like, the D-Cube Micro Bowler in Mink from Tod’s might just give you that answer. One of the smallest D-Cubebags around that measures 16 cm across by 11.5 cm (which I would think should be around the size of a fully-grown guinea pig, no?), it’s also almost completely covered in mink, which would make it just as fluffy and soft as a real guinea pig.

The only difference? You won’t be able to sling a guinea pig over the shoulder, or actually put any stuff in it, but with this bag, you can. And it won’t poo as and when it likes either, which honestly, is really a bonus when you’re out and about.

tods_d-cube-bowler-mink2Tod’s D-Cube Micro Bowler in Mink (left), Tod’s D-Cube Mini Bowler in Mink (right)

tods_d-cube-bowler-mink3And if you like the idea of the mink-covered D-Cube but find the Micro too small, it also comes in Mini (20 cm by 14.5 cm), and the regular-sized D-Cube, which would be more the animal equivalent of a large rabbit as opposed to a guinea pig. Still no less soft or fluffy, you’ll see F/W14’s characteristic check on the bags as well, an extension of Alessandra Facchinetti’s RTW collection for Tod’s that can also be found on her coats, scarves and even a wide-brimmed hat.

Now available at Tod’s locally, you can check out the checks on both D-Cubes in mink and regular leather at either Paragon or within Takashimaya Department Store, but do approach with caution though. Once you pick one up, you might never want to put it down.

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