Balenciaga Race Runners

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Before you continue to read, do know this:

These shoes are sold-out online.

Presenting the new Balenciaga Race Runners Collection, and if you’re looking for a sporty pair of sneakers, look no further.

You see, these are not the ordinary runners that you can find in a regular shoe store. The Balenciaga Race Runners are made luxurious, designed with attention to every detail, like…

Multi-material effect (like leather, neoprene and mesh)

Foam sole.

Elastic band at the front.

Suede finishing at the back.

For the look, Balenciaga put the logo on the sole and it comes with decorative laces. They are ideal for the gym, stylish for jogging, yet still functional and practical to wear.

Made from calfskin leather, priced €465 euro. Available in three different mixed of colors. Available via Balenciaga boutique or e-store.




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