The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King makes a return at Baselworld 2016 in a 40mm case

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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King may not fit in with the conventional tool watch designs, the boldness in the design seems to give it a very unconventional, welcoming rehash.
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The 2016 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona gets a ceramic bezel, enhanced movement

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To match the rad new looks, the movement sees a major overhaul as well. With a Superlative Chronometer certification (Rolex, 2015), the quality of the movement is now regulated to -2/+2 seconds a day. It leverages the Rolex Parachrom balance spring in place of the silicon balance spring and maintains a 4 Hz caliber.

The steel version of the all new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona is available with a white and black dial. It will cost 11.800 Swiss Francs or $12,177.

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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watch

The Rolex Daytona, undeservedly regarded as a bit of a commercial failure upon its release in 1963 due to a multitude of events, including the introduction of quartz into watches and the battle with Omega to be the official NASA time piece, which it lost. The Daytona name came to be through its association with the ‘at that time’ fairly young, yet soon to be famous race track, of which it was the sponsor, but that wouldn’t save it from its fate and a good portion of the Daytona’s were left on the shelves gathering dust.

But now, 2 years since the 50th anniversary of its first release, the Rolex Daytona has shown that time is a great healer, pun intended, and once and for all its turned from the black sheep of the watch family into something of a golden swan. The designers were clearly ahead of their time, as now the Daytona is one of Rolex’s top tier time pieces. Commanding high prices and in most cases, a huge waiting list to even acquire one, while simply owning one is a huge status symbol.

With multiple colour schemes available, all in that slightly retro feel such of pale blues, browns, golds and of course silvers and blacks, as well as self winding with Rolex’s own in house movement, this chronograph exudes superior craftsmanship and once you throw your gaze at this watch, its allure will simply captivate you.

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Rolex Cosmograph Everose Gold

Rolex Cosmograph Steel And Yellow Gold


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Luxurious Rolex Swiss Watches

Last year I bought myself a replica Rolex. I have been searching for a long time a timepiece that will meet all of my needs and still maintain its class as far as appearance. Being a person that travels frequently, it is extremely important for me to be able to keep time anywhere I go, and also, to have a watch that is dependable in any situation.

During my research I came across the Rolex Daytona. A favorite of Paul Newman, this watch was exactly what I was looking for. This replica Rolex came in many styles and colors so it was easy to find the model that fits me best, without having to compromise anything, like the strap color, dial color and so on. Not only that, but they had the masculine, tasteful appearance I was longing for, without the exorbitant price tag of the genuine article.

From my research prior to buying my replica Rolex, I found out that Rolex Daytona is very hard to duplicate. That’s why these models go through strict quality control tests, just to make sure they look and function just like the originals do. These are top quality fake watches. Beside the fact that precious metals are replaced with top grade steel in the manufacturing process, there is no difference at all between a replica Rolex and a genuine one.

After a full year of wearing my replica Rolex Daytona, it came to mind that not only I had no problems with it, but it had more than lived up to the company’s promises. Functionality? Yes! Style? Yes! Compliments? I only wish they would stop, I started to feel a little embarrassed. Even now, my close friends thank me for sharing with them my discovery. We are all more than satisfied with our purchase.

Show me a man who doesn’t like the idea of owning a Rolex and I’ll show you a liar. Let’s face it, there are millions of men across the globe that dream of owning one of the many luxury Swiss watches. Why is it a dream and not reality, some may ponder. Well, the answer is an obvious one: the majority of people are not rich, and even if they can afford one, they put their hard earned money to much better use.

Since Rolex is the benchmark for luxurious watches, it’s safe to say that it’s more than a tool used to keep track of time. It is a status symbol, an important fashion accessory and, why not, a jewel in its’ own right. Men who wear appealing, expensive time pieces are known to be successful professionals and by purchasing a watch that is attractive, functional and durable, they make a smart investment. Even if the price tag in restrictive, to say the least, the man that wears a Rolex on his wrist has a certain allure, a certain je ne sais quoi about him.

The quality construction behind the Rolex Swiss watches brand is very hard to find among other competitors. Take the Yacht Master II for example. Its’ movement took nearly 4 years (35,000 hours) to create and is made up from 360 parts. No one can argue against the fact that the brand is synonymous with top quality and it offers, as a bonus, unequaled aesthetics alongside its dependable functionality.

Rolex watches offer functions that may come as a surprise to some. The Rolex Daytona, for example, can be used by racing drivers. The Yacht Master is perfectly suited for anyone interested in navigating boats or ships. Perpetual calendar options, various types of chronographs, and water resistant features can be found in these superb Swiss watches.

For all of you dreaming about possessing one, but simply not having the budget for it, buying a replica is your best bet. And you can rest assured, Rolex imitation watches are flawlessly crafted and offer the same numerous benefits that the original do. And all that, at a notably lower price.

Rolex GMT Master Black Dial Metal Bracelet Watch

Rolex GMT Master Black Dial Metal Bracelet Watch

Renowned worldwide for their unique design and high quality craftsmanship, Rolex luxury watches have always been associated with extravagance. Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf founded Wilsdorf and Davis, the company that would eventually become Rolex SA, in London, England in 1905. After moving in Switzerland, the company name “Rolex” was registered on 15 November 1915. Since then, the brand has become extremely popular.

Many A-list celebrities and athletes can be spotted wearing a Rolex. One example is Roger Federer, considered by most the greatest tennis player of all time can be seen wearing a Rolex Day Date.

Nothing is finer than having one of the many Rolex luxury watches on your own wrist, too bad most people just can’t afford them. If you are one, try a Rolex replica and convince everyone that the exact duplicate is an original Rolex fine watch. The replicas carry the same features and quality of the originals.

You can choose one from any collection you like, be it the GMT Master, Day Date, Daytona or other. Fake Rolex luxury watches have it all covered, even the limited editions. You will find that people will notice and comment on your imitation Rolex, because it is a watch of distinction that needs no introduction. Rolex is one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world who are still in business today. Your replica watch will feature the same fine styling, but without the expensive luxury price tag.

Replica watches are a great alternative for people who enjoy luxury and finer things in life but cannot afford the steep prices. Try adding two or three replica watches to your collection, don’t be afraid to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with Rolex luxury watches. Your imitation Rolex features the same updated look as the acclaimed watchmaker. You will be the only one knowing your watch is not genuine.

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Replica Rolex Milgauss Watches Are No Joke

If you’re interested in vintage Rolex watches, it means you know exactly what you want. They’re not common, and they’re not cheap, but they’re worth it all. What makes them so special? Well, they come not only with prestige, but also with a piece of history that will definitely catch people’s attention.

They are great because they never go out of fashion and can be the perfect accessory to reflect your boheme personality. If they’re just what you want, but they’re far too expensive, then you should definitely consider Rolex replica watches: they look just as good, but they’re much more affordable. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to build the image that best suits you. Money should not stand in the way of that.

Because vintage Rolex watches have become more and more popular, you can find plenty of replica watches, making it easier for you to find that exact model that meets all your requirements. But keep in mind that even with replicas, you need to make sure you don’t make a bad choice. A replica vintage Rolex watch has to pay just as much respect to details as an original. So don’t settle for a poorly made replica that will definitely say something nasty about you.

If it’s still not clear for you why you should buy a vintage Rolex watch replica, let me put it simple for you: it oozes charisma and individuality, it’s an unique fashion statement and, even more, with so many distinctive vintage watches to choose from, it’s unlikely to ever meet someone who wears the same timepiece. And, most importantly of all, you get all that at a really good price. I don’t really see any disadvantage, do you? It’s all about fashion, baby! But you can always be smart about it when it comes to your money.

What’s your opinion on vintage watches? What do you think that makes them so special?

Since 1945 the Rolex Datejust watch has been stunning both the jewelry industry and the various watchmaker standards. The perpetual and self-winding movement live up to the Rolex standards and the crisp oyster white face of the dial is both eye-catching and functional, making the numbers and symbols easy to see any time of day.

Perhaps the only drawback of this magnificent timepiece is the exorbitant price tag. Now anyone can own a Rolex Datejust replica and enjoy the confidence and style of this classic model. The sparkling gold and silver tone band definitely captures attention and the precise mechanical movement have all the quality and style of the original.

Those who wear a convincing Rolex Datejust replica will never be late for an appointment or have to check a calendar or smartphone for the correct date. A quick flash of the wrist will reveal the current date and the most accurate time possible. Aside from the accuracy, the Rolex name is synonymous with wealth and power. In professional settings, a man or woman who wears this brand name is considered a dignified and respected individual. A stylish watch is considered a must for interview candidates.

Perhaps it seems unfair that the style of watch or jewelry or even clothing that people wear can dictate how they are viewed by others, but that is the reality of the society in which we live. Especially in social settings, people subconsciously evaluate others based on their overall appearance. Instead of feeling insecure or even inferior, men and women can easily raise their status level by choosing a high-quality replica watch. The Rolex Datejust replica is just one example of the many different types and styles of famous name watches that can be purchased for a fraction of the manufacturer’s suggested price.

replica Rolex Milgauss watches

I personally owned one Rolex watch. The one I just happened to own was a silver Milgauss. Had I known about quality replica Rolexes, for example replica Rolex Milgauss watches in particular, I would have never wasted my money on the real thing.

The quality that comes with replica Rolex Milgauss watches more than rivals the real deal. I would even go as far as to say that I prefer the replica over the real thing. Not only are the replica watches inexpensive compared to the real product, but they are also just as well (if not better) made. You won’t have to worry about dropping a whole lot of money for one watch, and you’ll still feel the Rolex quality in the replica watches.

I wear my replica Milgauss all the time now after selling back my real Rolex and I constantly get compliments on my watch from everyone that happens to glance at it. I have had absolutely no one ask me if it is a replica, since it looks so identical to the real deal. The best proof was that not even my significant other didn’t know that I sold my real one to wear the replica. I told her that I had sold my real watch and the day after, she had found my replica Milgauss on the dresser and was asking me why I still had the original one I had spent a considerable amount of money on!

Rolex watches signify class and power, and with my replica Rolex Milgauss on, I feel that power and class for a fraction of the price. Buying a replica Rolex was one of the best financial moves I have ever made, and I absolutely love how confident it makes me feel when I wear it.

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The Best Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Available!

Those that have found that they need to have a new watch or simply want one that says a little more about their sense of style tend to start looking at the top watches that are available. For most, that means turning to the Rolex brand as it is one of the most well respected and highly regarded watch brands in existence. The Rolex name has been at the top of style lists for decades and with good reason as the watches are eye catching and stylish

The one drawback in regards to a Rolex is the cost. This is why more and more people are turning to replica Rolex watches for sale as they are an ideal solution. The watches are well made and have the exact same look and style as the originals. The only difference is the cost. This is where one can have that chance to own a watch that has that infamous look that everyone adores.

Those quality replica Rolex watches for sale are ideal for everyone, and even those that could conceivably afford a real Rolex. This is because the way in which the replicas look are so similar that one would never even wager a guess that it was not in fact the real deal. This makes those replica Rolex watches for sale a perfect choice for everyone. From men who want high style at a better price to women who want to give a gift that will outshine all others, replicas are the top option today as they are a sensible yet fashionable choice for everyone as they are just as well made and designed as the originals.

Men has very distinct taste when it comes to clothing and accessory items and that is why they tend to only have very key items that they wear time and time again. This is most often true when it comes to watches as all well-dressed men know that a good watch is a symbol of good taste and manners.

Many prefer the look of Rolex mens watches but the cost is quite prohibitive for the majority. This is perhaps why more and more men, and women buying gifts for men, have turned to high quality replicas that are now found in all styles. In fact, a replica Rolex is visually and functionally the same and only one who truly has a keen eye for the smallest of details can truly tell the real from the replica. Replicas of today are far superior compared to the past and that too helps explain why they have become in demand items for one to have as a viable alternative to the real thing.

This is why replica Rolex mens watches have become the mainstay fashion purchase for men with good taste and a penchant for the finer things in life. The replica version gives them that well known Rolex look and style yet at a price that is highly affordable. It is the best of both worlds for those that crave those top end brands yet do not feel that the price tag is a justified purchase. Rolex mens watches that are high quality replicas truly are a wise and feasible investment and one that will have any man looking his absolute best at all times since they are so sleek, noticeable and stylish.

Best Rolex Submariner Replica Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch

I think the Rolex Submariner Replica is as good as the real thing. You can’t tell the different between a real, and a fake if it is a high quality fake. If you do not want to spend the money on the real thing, and still want one, then buying a replica is perfect for you. These Rolex Submariner Replicas are made to look, and feel like the real thing, most can’t tell the difference between the real deal, and the replica.

You save money, and still get a good quality watch when you buy a replica. You can splurge without spending the extra money on a real Rolex, when you buy a replica. The Rolex Submariner Replica has a sweeping motion, and 2 X magnification. The markings, and lettering resemble that of a real Rolex. The replica weights about the same as a real Rolex, so your arm won’t be able to tell the difference, but you wallet won’t be as empty.

The replicas that are better quality don’t use pins in the bracelet, they use screws instead. These replica watches comes in many different styles, to fit your needs, and fashion appearance. These replicas are also available in many different colors, to fit your likes, and tastes. Some of the colors include; grey, black, blue, silver, and gold. Brand new models of the replicas are released, and made every single year. The styles are always up to date with the real deal. When you want to buy a watch, and want good quality at decent price I suggest you go buy a Rolex Submariner Replica. It will look, and feel just as good as the real thing, plus your wallet will be happy. Next time you’re in need of a watch, or a present you should go buy this.

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