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fendi_qutweet-capsule-collection1The easiest way to describe Fendi’s X’mas 2014 collection is to imagine Rio. Not Rio the city in Brazil, but Rio the movie that still is one of my favourite animated flicks to date. Called the Fendi QuTweet Capsule collection, it’s a fun collection that’s filled with colourful birds (much like Rio, no?) that come emblazoned on everything from bags to SLGs and accessories like scarves. There are even Bag Bugs that come looking like birds, completed with feather-looking fur.

fendi_qutweet-capsule-collection3No word yet on when they will actually be launched in Singapore, nor do I have their prices in SGD, so expect another update really soon. But for now, I’ll just leave you to enjoy the imagery, where you’ll see bags like the Petite2Jours and the DemiJours, and of course, everything else you’ll want for Christmas.

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