PurseForum Roundup – July 1

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Another week under our belts, friends! Summer is here and we hope you are all enjoying the all-new PurseForum platform. We took a couple weeks off to get settled, but here we are, back on this first Friday in July with more wonderful bags and beyond from our favorite fashion hangout. This week, Bottega Veneta and Chanel were among our stops, but there is plenty more, so kick back and join us!


Isn’t this gorgeous? We love the Knot; it’s a classic evening bag that takes the cake every time, and this one is pure perfection. and we enjoy seeing our members sharing jewelry, shoes, sunglasses and bags, of course. Speaking of sunglasses, you may want to check outthis new thread to see what our members think of Bottega Veneta’s offerings in the shades department.


Grietje showed off three bags–and her gorgeous pooches, Visit here to see Alabastre, New Sand and Camel. We know you will love the bags and dogs, but what do you think of these colors? Another beautiful color, New Steel, made an appearance this month in Kandyroxy’s thread, so if you are in the mood for a versatile grey.


Fans of Hermès (or of blue) will be delighted to see this gorgeous color. Blue Hydra, one of the brand’s most beautiful blues, is back in rotation, and chicNclassy was fortunate to find an Evelyne ripe for the picking in this splendid shade.


a Picotin in a gorgeous orange. The Evelyne and Picotin are two of Hermès’s oldest bags and date back to the brand’s beginnings in equestrian necessities, and we think it is just wonderful to see these fresh colors on these iconic designs.


There is always a lot going on in Hermès, and we happened on this Constance in Amka’s reveal thread. Visit here for more stunning photographs, and, of course, spend some time in some of the other threads in this subforum for more bags, scarves and those wonderful small leather goods that Hermès does so well!


The “bag in action” threads are some of the best, and our Chanel ladies and gents know how to style their bags to perfection. They share their style in the Chanels in Action thread, where we found charlie_c rocking her Boy in a super chic, casual ensemble. There are plenty of inspirational shots in this thread, so plan on spending some time and taking notes; no matter which bag you are carrying, you will pick up some tips here.


 she says she lost her mind but her reveals seem to indicate pretty clear and focused thinking! It was a very busy week in Chanel.


There have been so many reveals over the last couple of weeks, we thought we would show you a selection from some of our other favorite subforums. We found this Diorever at the top of the Dior subforum, and were happy to see that tokidoki22 is thrilled with her new purchase, particularly since it is her very first Dior. By the way, if you are interested in the new Lady Dior rectangular edition, this thread is a good reference to help you. Last but not least: this thread is a treat, straight to us from Japan and lililvluv. If you love Dior and fashion.


 you’re going to love it. You can find plenty more of the brand’s fun and easy-to-carry bags in theShow Us Your Kate Spade thread, where we had a peek at some smart totes, small leather goods and lots of color (and some bargains, to boot).

Thank you for stopping in. We hope you are having a great summer, and that you have a happy holiday weekend if you are joining us from the United States. Have a terrific week ahead and we look forward to seeing you right here again next week for more from the PurseForum!

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Valentino In Action: Check Out Our PurseForum Members’ Beautiful Bags and Shoes

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PurseForum Roundup

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We made it through another week, Roundup readers! We know some of you are really getting hammered by winter weather, and we hope you can forget your woes and come along with us on our weekly romp through the PurseForum. Christian Louboutin caught our eyes this week, along with some new purchases in Proenza Schouler. You know there is lots more in store, so get comfortable and join us.

Christmas Tree

Today’s Christmas tree comes to you straight from Chanel. Cyndee has shared her tree, plus many more decorating ideas that will make any Chanel lover’s heart sing. For more Christmas trees, drop by the tPF Christmas Tree thread in Home and Garden. 

Another hot conversation in Chanel this week is happening in the Winter Sale thread, and this conversation comes with lots of pictures of the goodies that our members have snapped up.

Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain Bag

Also in Chanel, Styledbyher revealed a gorgeous new bag this week, and we are absolutely loving the bags we are seeing in “easy caviar.” For more on this great leather that really lives up to its name, visit this thread for lots of pictures and discussion.

There are many more reveals in Chanel this week, including this jumbo double flap from tsuarsawan,minionlove’s double reveal of her early Christmas presents and Rubysiopers01’s special reveal, which includes some great snaps that travelers will certainly appreciate.

Aloha in Sand

In the Jewelry Box, our jade lovers continue to send Courage, the traveling jade bangle around the world on her adventures. This week, Courage landed in Hawai’i, where junkenpo showed her the town in fine style. Elsewhere, Everything Posh showed off a nice reveal with a Christmas theme–be sure to check out her new Cartier Love bangle, with diamonds!

Rolex and Chanel Bag

Roundup regulars know we love to pop into the Layering and Stacking thread, and you should, too–there is a stack for every budget. This week, we pull out all the stops with our selection: Bling Addict certainly lived up to her name with her stack; we had to share this eyepopping combintation, which includes Van Cleef and Arpels, Chanel, Cartier and Rolex!

Proenza Schouler Clutch

Do you love a bargain? If you do (and who doesn’t?), you will absolutely love this swoonworthy pochettefrom klynneann, whose first Proenza Schouler is a stunner with an out-of-this-world price tag! The conversation around the PS Spring 2015 colors just kicked off, and you will not want to miss it. Proenza Schouler‘s amazing rich colors never disappoint.

If you are on the hunt for your first PS bag, you will want to check out our Intel thread, as well as ourreference library, where you can find plenty of help when it comes time to make your selection.

Christian Louboutin Python Pumps

If you like your reveals with a dash of nostalgia and a look back at a blockbuster movie, then you will love what _Danielle_ has in store for you this week in Christian Louboutin. This cinematically rich revealincludes not one, not two but three pairs of incredible shoes, and we were hard pressed to choose just one to picture here. How’d we do? There are plenty of shoes to swoon over in TinaX’s collection thread, and you will want to sit down for this one.

Christian Louboutin Double Pumps

We couldn’t leave Louboutin without checking into the New Purchases thread, and honestly, there are so many wonderful shoes in there we needed to remember to breathe. For3v3rz shared some very pretty pumps, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Drop in to see what else our members have added to their already incredible collections–you won’t be sorry.

Tod's Boots

We didn’t forget about those of you who are slogging around in real weather, so here is a lovely pair of boots from Tod’s, brought to you by pattyui, who we think made a fine choice. Also, Frenziedhandbag scored a new wallet in one of our favorite colors. Tod’s is a quiet little subforum, but it’s definitely a place to find great leather goods.

Dior Bag

And speaking of lovely leather goods, look what smudlybear shared in Dior this week. Drop by this threadto see the surprise this little gem has inside and try the Dior Action thread for more Dior in the wild.


It’s time to wrap up this Roundup, and what better way to do it than with a tasty dessert from the I Ate This Thread in the Kitchen! We dropped in on a whim, and we are sure glad we did.

Stay safe and warm, dear friends. We know this is a busy and often stressful time of year, and we appreciate so much that you chose to spend a bit of your day with us here and on the PurseForum. Have a wonderful week and see you right here next week.

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PurseForum Roundup – May 27

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First up, we spotted this bleu empire Montaigne in Bottega Veneta, happily sitting in the front seat of Auvena15’s car and ready to roll. This bag came to us from the What Bottega Veneta are You Carrying Today thread, but many of our subforums include a bag-and-car themed thread, and all are a great spot to find picture-perfect bags (in cars).


Here is another random great bag, this time from Mulberry. The Alexa is being discontinued, and miss_t4k3n is thrilled with her new Alexa in Oak. This classic bag will certainly be missed in our Mulberry subforum! We also found an absolutely incredible restoration thread that you will not want to miss–check it out right here.


In Balenciaga, Harper Quinn is building her collection of Metal Edge City bags, and this time it’s with a Rose de Sables beauty that goes great with her collection. The PurseForum is bubbling over with these great collection threads that are a huge help when researching a new color.  Our Balenciaga members are hot on the trail of the new Small City, which looks to be a great temptation for many. Check into this thread to follow along, and if you have already taken the plunge, please share!


Also in Balenciaga, Kendie16 picked up a new bag this week, the stunning and supremely useful A4 ziparound. She also added a Gucci Blooms SLG (small leather good), which makes an appearance in a reveal, as Gucci Blooms accessories have been doing all over the PurseForum lately! If we were not already up to our ears in SLGs, we would be all over this line.


We picked up this great shot from Kendi326 in the Layering and Stacking thread in the Jewelry Box. We always see interesting stacks of rings and bracelets in this thread, to be sure. You can also find subforums dedicated to Cartier, Tiffany and Van Cleef & Arpels–we have something for everyone when it comes to jewels.


And speaking of venerable Van Cleef & Arpels, if you are a fan, please stop in and see what our longtime member Antonio Loredo has shared with us: a perfect collection!


You know that when a conversation in Chanel starts off with “Just got back from my trip to the South of France…” it is bound to be excellent, and steffystyle’s reveal of two classics does not disappoint! Gabbyss also picked up a gorgeous WOC (wallet on a chain) this week, and we are thrilled she shared it with us.


MsPing has been on the dreaded (but often essential) “bag ban” for some time. She got herself off  “ban island” and shared her two new bags; we aren’t sure if the ban is back on, but we appreciate seeing these two beauties, and the red is absolutely delicious! These and many more amazing Chanel bags can be seen in the May 2016 Purchases thread, which is a great place to spend some time.


What would you do if your bag had some wear and tear that revealed two different colors? Well, tune in to our Mansur Gavriel subforum’s “Oro Lining” thread and see how this turned out for mi.kay. Not all bag stories have a happy ending, but we are pleased to say that this one did.


In Coach, the action is in the Your New Coach thread, where we found this wonderful Tea Rose Dinky from drDev. There are plenty of great bags popping up in this fast-moving thread daily, so if you are a Coach fan, you will definitely want to stop in and see what our members have been up to. There is always plenty going on in this busy subforum; for example, Coach and Disney fans will also want to visit this thread to see the latest intel from this collaboration.

That does it for us, friends. Thank you for joining us for this last roundup of May. We hope your weekend will be an excellent one, and we appreciate that you started it off with us. Enjoy every minute and we will see you right back here next week with more from the PurseForum!

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PurseForum Roundup – May 20

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Happy Friday! We are back with another edition of the PurseForum Roundup. The PurseForum is busy around the clock as members from all over the world share stories, advice, reveals and so much more. Over the years, the PurseForum has evolved to include several lifestyle areas such as Home & Garden and Books & Music, and we also have areas to discuss health, relationships, careers and many other topics. It’s easy to join, so if you have not yet become part of our family, please do.

For our Roundup this week, we dashed to a few of our favorite subforums for quick peeks and reveals. We also spent some quality time in Hermès,  and we found a great bag restoration in Louis Vuitton.


In Chloé this week, we found a brand new Drew. This is a bag that took some searching, and we are glad that Marylicious was able to find her dream Drew in time for Mother’s Day and share with us! A year is a long time to look for a bag, but this one was definitely worth the wait. Paris Magic is trying to decide on a new Marcie, and at the time of this writing, there is still time for you to weigh in. We love when our members put their heads together to make a perfect bag match happen.


Chynadoil1 treated us to a peek inside her new Louis Vuitton Zippy wallet, and it’s delicious! Louis Vuitton is one of our busiest subforums, and this hot brand consistently turns out irresistible Small Leather Goods (SLGs).


One of our favorite threads this week comes from shoppaholic, who decided it was high time to make a change to the Vachetta leather on her Keepall, a LV classic. We see this kind of thing here and there on DIY sites, but when our members take the plunge, it is all the more exciting.


And we love the results–Shopp did a fantastic job and the new bag is perfection.

And now for some quick reveals around the Forum!


We shared some Gucci Tian bags and accessories last week. This week, in the Kate Spade subforum, we found this pretty Gucci Tian wallet accompanying this Empire Red Doris in the Which Kate Spade are You Wearing Today thread, courtesy of Nan246. Also in Kate Spade, we have a brand new shoe thread going, so if Kate’s shoes are your thing, this may be just what you are looking for.


TenKrat has fallen hard for Massaccesi! Not at all surprising, as these gorgeous bags are well made and styled to perfection. If you are thinking of a white summer bag, check out this beautiful Flora, also part of TenKrat’s enviable collection.


All of our members know what a HG bag is: the Holy Grail, a bag that haunts your dreams and keeps you checking with your Sales Associates on the regular. Dextersmom found her HG Chanel this week, and fans of the brand’s stunning chevron pattern shared an audible collective gasp when she revealed this beauty.


Raina1981 has been busy at Hermès, and we were, of course, anxious to see what was inside those orange boxes! Going to the “Mother Ship” (as Hermès fans affectionately call the flagship store at Faubourg St.-Honoré) is always exciting, and even more so if one is able to purchase a Kelly or Birkin. We won’t spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say that Raina1981 had plenty of excitement and definitely added to her handbag collection.


Hermesdaisuki caught us up on her growing collection this week, too. The Bolide is one of Hermès’s original handbags, dating back to 1923. If two bags are better than one, then certainly four bags are better than two–visit Hermesdaisuki’s thread to see more of these splendid classics.


Rami00 has been working on her ten bag collection for some time, carefully selecting each bag so that a set of ten will do. Her final bag is the iconic and classic Birkin, and this was the week she topped of her collection with the ultimate bag in the perfect color and leather. While a Birkin is a huge investment, it got us thinking of the funds spent on bags that don’t last, versus a bag like this that will last forever. What do you think?

That wraps up this edition of the PurseForum Roundup, and that was quite an ending! We are glad you dropped in and hope to see you here next week for another edition.

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PurseForum Roundup – May 6

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What’s your Outfit of the Day? Ellapretty always has a great answer, like this joyful ensemble for spring from last month. You can find lots of inspiriation for your own Outfit of the Day in this thread in The Wardrobe. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by how chic and creative our members are, no matter the season! We also checked into the Post Your Most Recent Clothing Purchases thread, which reminded us that we need to go shopping.


It’s been quite a while since we visited Michael Kors, which is a situation we remedied this week in the Which MK Are You Carrying Today thread. Muddzdirt showed off her picture perfect pink Hamilton, a great bag to carry for spring.


Ness3786 shared her great new MK summer bag, a Straw Naomi in Peanut. This treasure popped up in the Show Us Your Michael Kors thread, a fast-moving collection of bags from the busy designer. MK fans know that the apart from bags, Michael puts out a pretty impressive selection of well-priced and popular watches. We keep time with all the MK watch trends right here in the MK Jewelry and Watch thread. If you need a push in the watch direction, this collection from TheFrench_Alix is just the ticket!


Amortentia was ready to add a special wallet to her collection and selected this charming Diorissimo Envoléebicolor for her first Dior. This great piece exemplifies the wonderful small leather goods (SLGs) that so often are the first entry pieces into a luxury designer brand. Congratulations, Amortentia!


Incognit01639 says she cannot stop staring at her new Lady Dior, and we can’t either. Visit this thread for the “money shot” of this magnificent red beauty and you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away, too. The Lady Dior is a classic, and this lipstick red is pure perfection. The recent Lady Dior yes or no? thread is a great place to go if you are on the fence about this iconic, timeless bag.


Oh, and Bspcc87 got a new wallet and we had to share!


In Kate Spade, MsKaren picked up a new bag and wallet this week. Kate Spade consistently puts out great-looking bags and terrific wallets in lovely colors and extremely functional designs. Our ongoing Kate Spade??? Thoughts…thread is a great resource on the brand’s durability and customer service over time. The upshot is, our members love Kate Spade overall, and the bags, of course, are as popular as ever.


Schmidty is on the road again! For those of you who have not been introduced, Schmidty’s human is Prada Prince, who accompanies this lucky Fendi bag bug around the world and posts pictures on the PurseForum for all of us to share. Schmidty’s thread serves also as an amusing way to get acquainted with some fantastic bags from different designers, like this absolutely glorious bamboo handle tote from Gucci.


Nami’s show-stopping Fendi Baguette took our collective breath away this week. The Baguette is one of Fendi’s most beloved bags, and the one that gets the most makeovers each season. Fendi serves up playful Baguettes on and off the runway, and we cannot help but love them.

We are so happy you joined us as we kick off May’s Roundups. We will be right here again next week with more from the PurseForum and hope that you will join us once again. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

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