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We know…

If we’re looking for gorgeous shoes (and there is no limit on our creditcard), Christian Louboutin is the place to be.

But handbags?

When I first heard about the Christian Louboutin Passage Mini Bag, I was skeptical. Then I saw the ‘mini versions’, the babies and I fell in love.

A clever mini handbag that’s multifunctional. Use it as a shoulder bag, carry it as a tote bag, it’s your call. The chic hardware is inspired by the architecture of the Galerie Vero-Dodat in Paris, it’s the location where the Louboutin Label was born.

Eye-catching, extravagant, distinctive, the leather combined with its gorgeous hardware is guaranteed to make a bold first impression no matter where you go. It comes with a shoulder strap that can be removed any time you want. When the handles are folded, it serves as a flap.

Available in many striking colors and some of these designs are only exclusive available online. Measuring 210 x 175 x 125 mm.





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Introducing the New Christian Louboutin Passage Shopping Fringe Tote

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Christian Louboutin Passage Shopping_1

Red soles may be Christian Louboutin‘s signature, but he’s also making quite the impression in the world of handbags. We are already familiar with the brand’s spiked clutches and theSweet Charity Shoulder Bag, and the newest addition to the Louboutin handbag family is the line of Passage bags. The Passage bags are distinctly known for their arc-shaped enameled handles, which were inspired by the architecture of the Galerie Véro-Dodat in Paris. For Spring 2015, we have something new to look forward to from the Passage handbag line: the Passage Shopping Fringe Tote. I was lucky enough to take it for a test-drive.

Christian Louboutin Passage Shopping_3

Like the other Passage bags, this tote features the signature arc-shaped handles with the “Louboutin” signature engraving at the bottom of the handle, as well as a row of fringe on each gusset, giving it a fun, bohemian feeling. The spacious interior features Louboutin’s signature red lining, along with one my favorite aspects of this tote: multiple compartments and a dividing zip pouch. My only complaint, however, is because of the hardware and fringe, the bag is a pinch heavy before I put anything into; once I added all my stuff, though, it didn’t feel any heavier than my bags usually do.

As you know from my Saint Laurent dilemma, I can be very picky with the texture of my bags, and even more so when it comes to my everyday bags. They tend to take a beating, between overstuffing and daily commuting to work, so I need something that can hold up to my busy lifestyle; this tote definitely fits the bill. This bag is made of coarse grained calf leather, so the leather will age well over time as well as be forgiving to any scratches (or the occasional overstuffing).

Christian Louboutin Passage Shopping_2

When using this tote for work, I am able to fit all my essentials with some room to spare. One of my favorite aspects of this bag is the optional shoulder straps; carrying this bag on my shoulder is great for work, but I can also easily wear this bag off-hours for a sleek, sophisticated look once I tuck in the straps and hold it by the top handles.

If you’re looking for an everyday work bag that can take you from the office to after-work cocktails and parties, I believe you have found your match! (and I did, too).

Buy yours through Christian Louboutin or Bergdorf Goodman for $2,450.

Christian Louboutin Passage Shopping_4

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