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After long hours of research, you finally completed your wish list. Then another unknown bag comes along and confuse your initial plan. Meet the new Chanel XL Quilted Bag.

Not featured on Chanel’s official website, but the Chanel XL Quilted Bag should be considered in your plan-of-purchase or your-next-shopping-spree plan. Now here’s what we know:

It’s a new backpack from Chanel. The design is brand-new, so nothing similar has ever been done in the past – with large and thick quilting, it feels like Prada’s Bomber Bags. The front flap is made with the signature CC logo and the top is adorned with leather-woven-chain-strap.

The material feels very strong, so it’s a nice backpack when you are on a city trip or climbing the Mountain Everest (obviously, you will need more than that).

As in all backpacks, the interior is large enough to fit all your essentials. So what do you think?

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Céline Oversized Twisted Cabas

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celine_oversized-twisted-cabas2Trust me when I say this. While it doesn’t really look like much now (honestly the look book doesn’t do it any justice), the Céline Oversized Twisted Cabas will be an instant hit the moment it gets released. Besides being the roomiest and the slouchiest Phoebe Philo has ever done, it is also by far one of the largest in what looks like metres and metres of lush leather, a bonus to all the fanboys of the French luxury house. And by fanboys I do quite literally mean the guys, because this is one bag that you’ll actually be able to tote around without getting funny looks.

celine_oversized-twisted-cabas1All made with a combination of smooth calfskin, lambskin and felt (that zebra print you see is not actually real zebra skin but felt), I’d admit that while not all the colours are guy-friendly, if it does well this season Céline will probably release more colours in the upcoming seasons.

Priced at EUR1600 (no word yet on the price for Singapore, but we should be looking at the SGD2400 to SGD2600 range), this is one bag that the boys (and the girls) can just sling over the shoulder, head out and fashionably face the day ahead. And if you really need to know that one I’m lemming for, it’s the one in Dark Ruby/Navy with the swish of Camel. Gorgeous.

And if you can’t deal with how big it is, there is a regular-sized version that the ladies can easily embrace. More deets on that to come too.

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