Loewe Origami Ala

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loewe_origami-ala-pinkCelebrating 400 years of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan, Loewe has specially created the Loewe Origami Ala which combines Japanese know-how of paper-folding (in other words, origami) with the Spanish house’s superiority when it comes to working with leather. The end result? The first Napa and suede-lined tote from Loewe that also folds flat, which is an achievement in itself.

Available in 3 additional colours besides Pink, namely Blue, Green and Yellow, there will only be a limited run of 400 pieces worldwide, priced at HKD12,900 apiece, which works out to be around SGD2060 each. If you want one, besides the fact that you’ve got to hurry (there are only 400 made), they are only available in 3 countries, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

A simple, elegant leather and suede tote that also folds flat is not something one sees every day. What will they think of next?

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Loewe Lia Origami Bag

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The Origami Collection might be Loewe’s greatest fashion invention ever – a bag that can be folded and hide under your bed, saving you a ton of space. The name is inspired by the traditional Japanese technique Origami.

Rated as ‘one of the best’ travel bag ever made, you can hide the Loewe Origami Bag inside another bag. When you need it, take it out and when it is opened, it will recover its shape instantly, a perfect accessory for any woman.

The Loewe Lia Tote is the newest addition from the Origami Collection. Lia is light weighed, practical and very feminine. It comes in different summer colors like Raspberry, Baby Blue and Navy Blue.

Measuring 33 x 35 x 15 cm, crafted from napa leather and priced at $1890 USD and €1200 euro’s. Available either at your Loewe boutique or e-store.




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