Balenciaga Navy Tote In Burgundy

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Now that Alexander Wang is on his way out from Balenciaga, much has been said about his short-lived legacy which will no doubt be shifted into the shadows once the new man in charge takes over. And that might include the discontinuation of some bags that are deemed not in line with the new creative director’s aesthetics, a common enough practice across all luxury brands.

While the loss of the Le Dix will not make much of a difference to me (no, not really a fan), this one bag stops me in my tracks every time I pass a Balenciaga boutique. A sucker for anything large in canvas, the Balenciaga Navy Cabas has been on my wish list for a while now, a big enough carry-everything tote that I can use at the beach, the gym or even as a carry-on on the plane, chucking whatever I need into it and not worrying too much since it’s 90% durable canvas anyway.

Available in a couple of sizes, the one I’m lusting after measures some 48 cm across by 35 cm tall, trimmed in leather and even comes with a zip pouch great for those essentials one needs to keep safe. Priced at GBP545 online (besides coming trimmed in Burgundy, it also comes trimmed in Black), SGD1200 or so isn’t too much for a bag that you’ll definitely find handy and use over and over again.

For those who need to see the real deal before making that commitment, this tote, along with the others in smaller sizes and styles from the same collection, are also available at Balenciaga boutiques at Hilton Shopping Gallery, Marina Bay Sands and Paragon.

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Celine Phantom Satchel Navy Blue

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Celine Phantom Satchel Navy Blue-8Nowadays, the Celine Phantom Satchel is one of the most popular bags around. Due to its unusual winged shape it has captured everyone’s attention instantly and it has turned into a real sensation. There is no woman with a decent fashion sense that does not want to own one. Personally, I love the Navy Blue version and for me it is the perfect example of class, luxury and versatility.

Celine Phantom Satchel Navy Blue-9

So what’s not to love about this fabulous Celine Phantom purse? It has it all: looks, functionality and fame. Whether you are wearing the original one or a replica, as long as it looks authentic you will be feeling like the center of attention. And because I strongly believe that every gal deserves to feel this way even though she doesn’t have a fortune to spend on designer bags, I will present a very useful guide for finding an exact replica of this exceptional Celine purse.

The first thing you need to know is that the Celine Phantom Satchel comes in two sizes: the large Phantom is 35x24x31cm while the small Phantom is 35x30x24cm. As you have noticed, the measurements are in centimeters because the purses are manufactured in Italy. For me, the large size is the most reasonable choice. It does wonders for those of you who have a very active and outgoing life style, always on the run. It will accommodate all your important possessions without any difficulties.


Celine Phantom Satchel Navy Blue

At the exterior, the most important detail that defines a good Celine Phantom Satchel replica is the smoothness of the leather. The original Celine is made from incredibly delicate and soft leather, so much smoother than the one used on the Celine luggage bags. The leather needs to be soft so that the “wings” can fold in naturally. Do not be fooled by thick and robust fabrics because Celine will NEVER use such a type of leather for its high end Phantom Satchel line.

Celine Phantom Satchel Navy Blue-5


Depending on the manufacturing year, the base of the bag either has or does not have four square shaped metallic studs. Also, the authentic bag will never have any stitching across the bottom side. Unfortunately, the Celine Phantom Satchel Navy Blue replica I am reviewing has a very discrete stitching that cuts right through the middle of the base.

What’s the best way to find out if your Celine Phantom replica handbag has too long handles? You will never guess it! Just try it on your shoulder. If the purse fits then this means that it is a poorly made replica. The handles of the original Celine Phantom measure about 4.5-5 inches so these will never fit on your shoulder, unless you are incredibly skinny or petite.

On the top front part of the bag there is the Celine logo that should always be stamped, not printed. This should read out “CELINE PARIS” with an accent on the first “e”. Also, the letters need to be clearly defined and easy to read.

Celine Phantom Satchel Navy Blue-2

Obviously, the size of the front pocket varies depending on the size of the bag. As you can see from the photos, it should have a squared shape and be as wide as the handles. Also, a braided leather tassel should be attached on the end part of the zipper. Still, even on the small size Celine Phantom, the front pocket should fit your Iphone. Also, the position of the pocket is very important to determine if the purse looks authentic or not. A well-made replica shouldn’t have the pocket stitched too close or too far from the bottom of the bag. In fact, the distance between the pocket’s lower stitching and the base should be of half an inch.

Celine Phantom Satchel Navy Blue-3

The stitching needs to be in a similar shade of navy blue. Each stich is perfectly spaced apart following a very strict pattern. Also, if you pay attention to the entire design of the bag you will notice that the stitching follows and defines every line and shape of this elegant purse.

The original Celine Phantom Satchel Navy Blue bag comes with clear yellow gold color hardware, whereas on this replica purse, the zipper and the studs are colored in silver. Celine makes this navy blue version with gold hardware to emphasize the beauty of the contrasting colors.

The inside of the Celine Phantom Satchel will always be made from suede leather. Regardless of the color or if it is a special edition or not, the interior will always be the same: made from suede leather, same color as the outside of the bag. This type of suede leather is very smooth and refined. Believe me; you can spot a low quality Celine Phantom replica just by taking a closer look at the color and quality of the suede interior.

At the inside of the bag there is only one zipped pocket that has leather trimmings in the same type of leather as the outside one. Also, the leather trimmings are stamped with “Made in Italy”.

The date code is also a very important authenticity mark of this Celine Phantom bag as it is located on a leather tab that is positioned inside the pocket of the purse.

As an overall impression of this Celine Phantom Satchel Bavy Blue replica, I must admit that it is a pretty decent imitation especially within this price range. It is made from a very good quality leather, has the correct type of inside suede lining, the authenticity markings are correctly replicated and it has the perfect size and weight.

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Balenciaga Cabas Navy Bag

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I am so in need for the Spring and Summer seasons that I can feel the ‘chill’ already. But really, the summer is a great season, you know, our best friend the sun will smile at us the majority of the day. And when you live in a country that can drop more than -10 degrees during the winter times, then belief me, you crave for the sun.

If you’re like me, your schedule is booked with activities during the Spring and Summer – barbeque parties, beach parties, pick nick, holidays, weekend trips, you name it. At these times, it’s great to own a ‘one -fit-all-activities-handbag’. The one that’s ready for the beach, the city trips and the parties, and the one needs low maintenance – the easier to clean to better.

That’s why you will need the Balenciaga Navy Cabas Bag, they’re made from cotton canvas and calfskin. Basically it’s like – at the beach? Dust the sand with your hands in two second. It’s also a stylish bag with the Balenciaga signature on the front, including ‘Paris’. It comes with an internal pouch, but the most importantly, there is a large compartment to store everything you need.

The bag opens and closes with press studs, carry it with two handles. It’s available in two sizes and different colors like beige and blue or beige and black. Here are the details:

Balenciaga Canvas S Navy Bag
Size: 14 x 13.6 x 7.4 (W x H x D) inches
Price: $795 USD and €545 euro

Balenciaga Canvas M Navy Bag
Size: 19.5 x 14.8 x 8.2 (W x H x D) inches
Price: $865 USD and €595 euro

Available at Balenciaga e-store.







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