Mua Mua Instagram Camera Crossbody Bag

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Mua Mua Instagram Camera Bag

There is a new designer on the virtual shelves at ShopBop. It’s called Mua Mua. There really isn’t any information about this designer. Aside from the fact that they are the same company that makes the Mua Mua dolls. ShopBop doesn’t have a designer bio posted yet and the Mua Mua official website doesn’t seem to provide history or any information in English.

That aside, I am glad that I discovered this designer. One bag that caught my eye is the Mua Mua Instagram Camera Crossbody Bag!

Unlike most other pieces from this designer, the Mua Mua Camera Bag doesn’t feature any references to Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld in its design. Instead, this piece actually resembles something even more familiar. The description simply says it resembles a camera. While this is true, I also know better. This bag doesn’t resemble just any camera, it resembles the camera that is the Instagram logo! There is no question this bag is quirky and unique. I love the colors. They offer a nice blend of neutrals and brights. It may not be for everyone, but I think it would be a cute accessory for the Instagram and/ or photography enthusiast for sure.

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