Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Damier Graphite Reference Guide

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Introducing the Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Damier Graphite. The grey version of the iconic Damier pattern is now available for monogramming. Five
new colors have been added to the existing range, bringing a total of 22 colors now to choose from. Just like theMon Monogram service, you get to choose from different styles of stripes or you can also opt for a no stripe design. You can choose an interior color depending on the bag style. You can add up to three initials, and gives you the option to have it in small or big size, and add dots.

The Mon Damier Graphite service is available for the following luggage: Keepall Bandouliere 45,Keepall Bandouliere 55, Porte-Documents Voyage, Zephyr 55 and Zephyr 70. It is also available for Small Leather Goods such as Pocket Organiser, Passport Cover, Zippy Organiser, Brazza Wallet and Multiple Wallet.




Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere 55 Bag $2,200.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere 45 Bag $2,150.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Zephyr 70 Bag $5,750.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Zephyr 55 Bag $4,900.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Porte-Documents Voyage Bag $2,380.00 (USD)

Small Leather Goods



Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Pocket Organiser $540.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Passport Cover $480.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Brazza Wallet $870.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Multiple Wallet $670.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Zippy Organiser $1,200.00 (USD)

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Molly Sims Returns from Vacation with Customized Louis Vuitton

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Molly Sims Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull Tote

Model/actress Molly Sims (who still makes headlines whenever she shows up anywhere in a bikini) was recently spotted returning to LA after a family vacation in Miami with a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull Tote in tow. As you can see, Molly’s Neverfull is customized with stripes and her initials. You can obtain your own customized Mon Monogram Neverfull Louis Vuitton.

If you’d like to recreate the look of Molly’s bag, her stripe colors are “Rouge” and “Bordeaux”, which I think look especially rich against LV’s legendary logo pattern. Eternal fans of the LV brand will definitely want to check out our ever-expanding slideshow of stars and their Louis Vuitton handbags and luggage, which we recently updated for your viewing pleasure during the holiday break.

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2013 Louis Vuitton New Launched Collection Series Handbag

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Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbags

Since 1997, Marc Jacobs joined the LV group, as the artistic director, he was made a big transformation for LV handbag style to make it become the one of most valuable luxury brand in the world from the previous hackneyed style. Now, in the field of fashion brand,Louis Vuitton fashion, handbags, and fashion accessories to become the fastest growing product sales. Many of celeb choose Louis Vuitton handbags not only because they need it, but also LV as the biggest luxury brand in the world, the production process and design styles in the fashion industry is unique. So if you want to get something different, Louis Vuitton always their first and best choice. Now, in the year of 2013, Louis Vuitton launched a handbag collection series, it is must be worth you collect it.

Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma Rose VeloursLouis Vuitton Mon Monogram Speedy

Moreover, Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma Rose Vlours and Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Speedy also become one of most popular and hottest model handbags. I can’t really say that this is my favorite Louis Vuitton Speedy bagbut i was so curious about it, that i decided to buy it. Louis Vuitton handbags is a deep-seted fashion works, you can see Louis Vuitton handbag collection series in every old movie. LV as the global fashion brand, always affected the fashion industry, let us in the fashion field feel the thoughts and ideas of its brand. Now,cheap LV Handbags sale at our online store, you can get your favorite handbag without pay a designer bag cost.

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