Chloe Mini Tasseled Hudson Saddle Bag

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The Chloe Hudson Handbag has been around for some time. I have looked at it on and off, but the Chloe saddle bag style always seemed a bit plain to me. Not that there is anything wrong with the saddle bag style, but the Chloe Hudson has just never managed to “wow” me. That is, until now. I stumbled upon this latest rendition and it caught me by complete surprise! Take a moment and discover the new Chloe Mini Tasseled Hudson Saddle Bag!

The tassel detailing is what I love most about this bag! They actually remind me a teensy bit of Katherine Kwei. I love the giant tassels. They form a heavy skirt around the edge of the flap, which is sort of unique when it comes to Chloe. And they have that almost knotted look at the base. I also really like the contrasting textures. The body of the bag is smooth and stiff, which the tassels appear soft and textured (suede facing out).

This bag is very simple and structured, yet playful at the same time. It would compliment a casual look, such as denim paired with a blouse, nicely.

chloe hudson fringe bag

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Currently Coveting This Chloé Hudson Suede Shoulder Bag

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When I started PurseBlog over 11 years ago, it was because I absolutely loved bags. I remember how excited I got when I’d get to the mall and go into the Coach store or department store to look at bags. I’d tear out ads from magazines with photos of bags from upcoming collections that I was yearning for.

After 11 years of talking about bags, I’ve found majority of brands wax and wane with popularity, while one year is all about designer X and the following about a different designer. I spend every day looking at bags and while I still truly am a bag girl, I find it harder to narrow in on designs that have my heart going pitter-patter. Part of this is because I now have a substantial collection and the other part is because I see so many bags in person and online daily. But because of this, when I see a bag I absolutely love, I know it right away. It’s that feeling I get deep down in my core that got me started in all of this and has me continuing PurseBlog after all of these years.

I’ve had the intense ‘I love this bag’ feeling happen to me a few times with different colors of this Chloé Hudson Small Shoulder Bag for a while now. Clearly, the bag speaks to me and clearly it’s about time for me to grab one. Amanda and I feel similarly that when it comes to our realm that Chloé bags are top of the game right now (Amanda shared why she thinks Chloé is making the best bags right now). Sure other brands have beautiful bags, but Chloé is a brand I continue to be drawn to.

The Hudson is now a staple for the brand but I’m all kinds of obsessed with this suede version. The deep purple wine hue is dreamy and perfect for the upcoming fall season. I love the smaller size of this bag and have tried it in store to know that it will carry plenty while not being too large.

Overall, this bag is just good, pretty and I’ve added it to my fall wardrobe wish-list. There are a few other hues, but this new color in suede has shot up to the top of my list as a favorite. It’s exclusive to Neiman Marcus so if I end up buying it, we can be bag twins. 

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Chloe Hudson Mini Multicolor Fringe Saddle Bag

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Designer Chloe Hudson Mini Multicolor Fringe Saddle Handbag

Seems like I wrote about the Chloe Hudson Mini Multicolor Fringe Saddle Bag just yesterday. In fact, it was back in September. Usually we don’t cover bags more than once, unless it’s an iconic style that comes back season-after-season. However the Chloe Hudson Fringe handbag line is unique, and this latest rendition (available for pre-order) is awesome and very spring/summer ready! So here it is again- take a moment and discover the Chloe Hudson Mini Multicolor Fringe Saddle Bag!

It was love at first sight. I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this handbag in the new chalky ‘Motty Grey’ color. The color is a neutral, but a little different from the usual. It has a soft sheen texture that gives it an elegant and classic look. Then there are the fun and festive rainbow colored tassels! The muted colors are soft and gorgeous and they compliment the grey color quite nicely.

I don’t exactly know what it is that makes me love this bag so much, but part of it might be the movement of the tassels. That movement is even more beautiful when in comes in these colors. This bag is making me wish Spring would get here sooner. I can’t wait to see these gorgeous colors show up on other pieces!

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Chloe Mini Tasseled Hudson Saddle Bag

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Equestrian Inspired: Chloe Mini Hudson Suede Bag

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Chloe Mini Hudson Suede Handbag

There is a lot going on with this bag, however it all seems to play out harmoniously. The classic house-favorite Chloe Mini Hudson Bag is dressed in durable suede leather and accented with pebble studs and golden hardware. The flap top closure is decorated with rows of braided detailing, and finished off with a playful long ponytail -esque tassel. The whole look of the bag has a vintage equestrian 70′s vibe that I’m totally falling for. No matter the season this bag is the perfect everyday accessory.

The Chloe Mini Hudson Suede Bag available here at NEIMAN MARCUS, where it retails for $1,890. Craving more fringe? Check out the Chloe Hudson with Tassel Detailing.

As seen on the Chloe runway:
Equestrian Inspired: Chloe Mini Hudson Suede Bag 

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For seasons on end, we’ve seen Chloe doing their magic. We’ve got one favorite in particular, though, and it’s the Chloe Hudson Shoulder Bag – a boho-chic piece that’s sure to drive fashionistas into a frenzy (no exaggeration here). Coachella or no Coachella, this baby is sure to stand-out and give any outfit a fabulous finish.

Because we really love this piece, we even featured it some weeks ago. If you’re up for it, you can read the article and learn more about this piece by clicking on the link below.

READ: Everything About the Chloe Hudson Bag

Stitched to perfection, the Hudson has an adjustable leather shoulder strap and front flap with snap button closure. It even comes with suede tassels, a perfect design element that has elevated its status as an ‘it’-bag. You know, for such a nifty bag, it’s packed with so much taste!

Priced at $2,480 USD or €1,550 EUR, get your very own Chloe Hudson Shoulder Bag now!


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