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Fendi is one of the most awaited brands here in our community, and why not? Their pieces have a distinct feel and look that city girls surely dig – a modern, fresh array of choices goes a long way, especially for a brand that has survived changing trends over the years.

Today, we’re going to look at a different take on a certain design – we’ve spotted a ‘new’ Fendi Demi Jour Shoulder Bag with a quirky design elements…some chunky flowers in different shapes and sizes! We know that we have some quirky divas here who love their bags crazy-colorful, but we think even subdued, classic chicks would take a second-look on this. It bears the Demi Jour’s beautiful structur, a must-have for every girl-on-the-go. The difference, though, lies in the bag’s clasp – it bears one with a close resemblance to the Baguette (it’s not a dealbreaker though, we know how these clasps add a certain ‘oomph’ to every piece, knowing that it’s a signature and all).

What do you think about this piece? Did it make your heart skip a beat, in any way…or is it too fancy for you? Comment now and let us know!

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Fendi Demi Jour Shoulder Bag

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Standing ovation well deserved, since FENDI launched the 2jours tote collection, they bumped into something that was magical. The public loved it; in fact all-fashion-conscious worshipped it. It was magnificent and near perfection, that’s why it’s considered one of the ‘must have’ of this decade.


And FENDI had more plans, they decided to create an entire 2Jours Line with variation of styles, prints, colors and so on. If you’ve followed us so far (if not, go ahead and like our Facebook page), you must have noticed the NEW Fendi 3jours tote that have been introduced recently. An upgrade version of the 2jours with expanded wings for more space.

And now the 2jours collection has extended to shoulder bag, please meet Ms. Fendi Demi Jour. Completely inspired by the iconic 2jours tote, please glance on the ‘classic metal frame’ with the FENDI signature elegantly crafted on the right edge. The closure below the flap is the short-version of the tag hanging on the 2jours tote. And to get you all excited, do you know what 2jours actually mean? It comes from the French word toujours, meaning always and forever.

The Demi 2jour shoulder bags are measured 10’ x 7’ x 4’ (W x H x D), they are usually crafted from mustard leather (calfskin) or Vitello elite leather.

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