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When we told you that the Chanel Boy Bags from the latest Paris Dallas Collection is out-of-control, then we basically ‘mean it’. Two days ago we let you drool all over the newest Chanel Boy Studded Bags and today we are dating with the Boy Bag from the Wallet on Chain line.

This gorgeous is a bit taller than the normal Wallet on Chain bags and the flap covers the entire front. A normal WOC is sized 4.9’ x 7.7’ x 1.4’, this new Boy Wallet on Chain from the Paris Dallas Collection is measured 4.8’ x 7.5’ x 1.6’.

A limited edition piece that will only be available for this season, wait a bit longer and it will never return.

So what’s special about this Boy WOC?

First there are studs embellished on the quilts, it goes from the front to the back. The originally Boy WOC has an interwoven chain link, but this version is the same like the medium sized Boy Bag, it comes with a strong and masculine metal chain.

The interior is the same like any WOC, with a size ideal for the weekends and when going out in the evenings. And as final, the iconic Boy logo is crafted on the front. Life can’t be more perfect!

The Boy Chanel WOC retails for around $2,100 USD and €1.400 euro’s.


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