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Not long ago, we showed you a preview of the Gucci Bright Diamante Lux Suitcase, it was a beautiful and luxurious luggage and if you had a pocket as deep as the Mariana Trench, then why not?

Now for those who are not sitting and waiting to buy a suitcase anytime soon, Gucci has just released the bright diamante bag collection, now it not only consist of luggage, but also top handles, leather clutches, duffles and shoulders, all embellished with diamond patterns.

Before we drop the details with full images, we want you to see the ad campaign first. It gives a sense of the feel, the theme and the design. You see, the Bright Diamante bags are not your ordinary accessories; they are full of colors – splashing from purple, yellow, orange all the way to blue and white.

My favorites are the top handles – they are chic, causal, colorful (and personality), practical and embellished with impeccable leather. Let us know, which one is your favorite?







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Gucci Bright Diamante Collection

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gucci_bright-diamante-collection5Those of you following my exploits lately on Instagram and on Facebook would have seen snapshot after snapshot of Gucci’s new Bright Diamante collection over the past 6 days. Tasked by Gucci to showcase, and quite literally of course, their brightest and the best, I’ve spent many days with said bags, scouting for locations around Singapore and trying to style them to my best of abilities, which you can enjoy here, or here.

And because it’s an occupational hazard of mine to inspect every bag that passes through my hands with the utmost scrutiny, I can safely say that for what it’s retailing at, most everyone will find something they can afford, and love, from the Bright Diamante collection.

Drawing inspiration from the original Diamante that was first launched in the 1930s, the diamond pattern has since become a Gucci signature, used all the way to the 1950s till Creative Director Frida Giannini rediscovered it in the archives and the rest, as they say, is history.

gucci_bright-diamante-collection6Comprising a huge collection of most everything for both men and women, you’ll find bags for both sexes, a huge selection of small leather goods (from purses to wallets and even a couple of clutches) and even shoes, from loafers to hi-top sneakers. But back to the bags proper, and having spent so much time with them, here are some points you’ll want to know if you’re planning to get something from this collection.

Most all the bags are extremely lightweight, and because they are made of heat-embossed calfskin leather, they are also very durable, with the ability to fend off accidental scuffs with ease. Having liquids splashed on the exterior won’t be an issue either; just do a quick wipe down and everything will be as good as new.

And because there’s really no point being big on form if there’s no function, most of the bags from the Bright Diamante collection come with enough pockets both big and small to please even those who are most obsessed with organisation.

gucci_bright-diamante-collection8My favourites from the collection? Obviously the ones I picked to shoot for my little project with Gucci, which includes the Bowling Bag in both sizes (SGD2400 andSGD2650 respectively), the Bucket which retails for SGD1900, the roomier Top Handle(SGD2650) that’s great for those who need the additional space, the sassy long rectangular Clutch that’s great for both day and night (SGD1620, click here for the snapshot) and last but not least, the Duffle Bag (SGD3250) for the boys that’s great as a work/gym bag, or as a weekend duffle that will work great as a carry-on as well.

gucci_bright-diamante-collection7And then there are these, the very desirable cabin-sized hard-sided trunks that are just simply drool-worthy. Available now at all Gucci boutiques in Singapore, you can check out the full collection in all their technicolour glory.

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Gucci Bright Diamante Lux Suitcase

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If you’ve already set your eyes on a brand-new luggage (not the Celine luggage tote), then pardon me for the interruption. We have just been informed that a new suitcase is going released very soon, it’s the Gucci Bright Diamante Lux Suitecase, read on…

In my life, I have motto: ‘if you are going to spend it, then spend it on the best of the best or don’t spend at all…’. The Diamante Lux Suitcase is quite expensive, but if you have a pocket as deep as the Mariana Trench, then what should we say? F*** it..

Besides its bright shiny leather, it also comes in different of summer colors that you and I will certainly love. Lemon Yellow, Ocean Blue and Orange Red are making us screaming: ‘I need them all, I want them all…’

Then the words ‘diamante’ and ‘lux’ come from the diamond patterns that you see on the front, back and sides of this luggage. Refined with light fine gold hardware, it also comes with a buckle and lock closure with key holder and an id-tag made from leather.

For those who cannot live without wheels, the Gucci Diamante Lux Suitcase comes with two of them. A true master piece, measuring 18.5’ x 8.5’ x 14’ (W x H x D), for $6200 USD, pre-order at Gucci e-store.


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