The Loewe Toledo Briefcase

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Loewe has introduced the Toledo Briefcase this winter. The Toledo a simple briefcase with just the Loewe logo engraved in the corner. The rectangular briefcase has a short handle and comes in 6 different colours. The bag features a zipper running across the top and an inside pocket that you can keep your phone or keys. We think its a lovely briefcase to carry to work, stylish and well design, its the perfect shape and size for carrying your documents and can fit a Macbook Air easily.


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Serapian Evolution Slanted Edge Briefcase

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serapian_evolution-slanted-edge-briefcase2If you’re one of those men plying the Raffles Place/Tanjong Pagar MRTs to gleaming skyscrapers every morning, you could be in the market for one of these. From Italian label Serapian, the Evolution Slanted Edge Briefcase measures 42 cm by 30.5 cm, and is made of leather that’s both grained and water-resistant, much like Saffiano leather which is as hardy and durable as it gets.

What’s more unique about it is perhaps the fact that it expands towards the bottom, giving you much needed space if you ever needed it. Otherwise, it’s as slim as it gets, with the top handles ‘retracting’ into the briefcase when they’re are not required. It also comes with a shoulder sling, allowing it to go from briefcase to messenger in an instant.

serapian_evolution-slanted-edge-briefcase1Priced at around SGD979 via LUISAVIAROMA, it comes in 4 colours, two for ‘serious’ executives (Black and Grey), and two for those who prefer some colour and are a tad braver (Yellow, Blue). Hardy, slim (great for maneuvering with especially during rush hour) and rather affordable. All in all, it’s pretty decent, if you ask me.

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Montblanc Meisterstück Selection Double Gusset Briefcase

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montblanc_meisterstück-selection-double-gusset-briefcaseI’ve always been a fan of a smart leather briefcase, the type busy professionals will carry from point to point that’s probably filled with all manner of important work documents and contracts that they’ll need in their daily work life. And even though I own a couple of classic briefcases myself, I’ve never had the chance to use them all these years because, well, I don’t really need something so formal and structured because of the work that I do.

Which brings us to the Montblanc Meisterstück Selection Double Gusset Briefcase, a supremely smart formal workhorse that won’t look out of place on any suited man’s lap. Measuring 42 cm by 32 cm by 12 cm, it’s a really decent size for all manner of A4 folders and tech gadgets. Made in Italy, using full-grained calfskin that’s also reminds one of Saffiano leather, it being grained also means it will be more hardy than smooth-skinned leathers and more resistant to most nicks and bumps.

Priced at just SGD2300, which really, isn’t that bad for a work bag that will probably be used on all work days of the month since men don’t usually like changing up their bags as often as say, the ladies, you’ll find it it Black, Cognac (shown above), and Flannel (a really lovely hue of grey) at Montblanc boutiques islandwide.

Plus it doesn’t scream ‘old’ or ‘fuddy-duddy’ either, just smart and sophisticated, which can only be a good thing.

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Chanel Vintage Canvas Briefcase

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chanel_vintage-canvas-briefcaseI like my bags new and shiny. I like my bags old and grubby. Ok, maybe not grubby, but slightly flawed with ‘character’ marks, nicks and scuffs. Which is the beauty of pre-loved, vintage pieces in the first place. And whenever I need to get my fix, I would trawl eBay’s Japanese resellers, what with their good ‘thousand-star’ ratings, honesty regarding the condition of the item they are selling and the huge 80s boom which has left a large amount of pre-loved inventory circulating amongst the dealers.

Sure there are advantages buying pre-loved, vintage pieces. For one thing, they are almost always one-of-a-kind, and you won’t run the risk of running into someone with the same bag, not like events these days when everyone’s toting a Classic Flap. They are also rather affordable, and chances are you’ll find something nice at a much lower asking price than something that’s new at the boutique. It should also be considered a form of recycling, which is always a good thing, no?

My search keywords are almost always the same on eBay, from ‘vintage Coach’ and ‘vintage Hermes’ to ‘Gucci Bamboo’, and then there’s ‘Chanel briefcase’, which brings us to today’s find. Measuring some 37 cm across by 28 cm in height, it’s a vintage Chanel briefcase that comes with a shiny large gold clasp in a style that was popular way back when. Made of canvas, there are currently 3 on offer on eBay with prices varying from USD498 to USD748, which isn’t so bad for Chanel. The only downside, most are peeling at the edges, so it really boils down to how much distress you can take.

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Givenchy L.C. Briefcase In Tartan

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givenchy_l-c-briefcase-tartanThose savvier amongst you will already know that some designer houses are featuring their upcoming collections online, perhaps to get us all excited (and start planning what exactly to buy) before the line-up is officially released. And those amongst you who stalk Givenchy regularly like I do may have already spotted the upcoming Pre-Fall 2014 L.C. Briefcase in red tartan print, which I have to say is the most interesting bag that’s available for men as far as the early drop is concerned.

A definite head-turner, word is still out on its actual size, price or when it will be launched in Singapore, but not to worry because I’ll be keeping tabs on this, so expect another update soon. Meanwhile just bask in its glory and tell me, is it a yay, or a nay, for you?

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Hermès Buenaventura Briefcase

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Hermes is one of the few luxury brands that knows how to design a manly bag with style. Its men bags are not just simple accessories, these are a real fashion statement, pieces that turn heads and speak of power and success. One of my favorite designs is this Hermès Vintage Buenaventura Briefcase. It is the perfect choice for those of you who are always at the office and want to mix work with pleasure, with the pleasure of being always in style. And believe me, with this briefcase you will always be fashionable while enjoying its versatility and high functionality.

hermes man

Hermès Vintage Buenaventura is made from canvas, fron an elegant brown color canvas that is ideal for summer time. It is not a heavy briefcase, and this is because of the fabric. It feels really light and it is very spacious. It can accommodate an impressive number of both work and personal essentials. The bag also comes with a shoulder strap which offers extra comfort.

I like very much the contrast between the brown canvas and the white stitching. This as well as the nice design touch represented by the straps and mettalic rings, make this briefcase look youthful and modern. It is the perfect summer bag for men who are still stuck in the city, working their way up to the top of the corporate world. This Hermes Buenaventura bag has a nicely-tailored shape which perfectly balances its formal and casual lines.

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