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Only for this season, Chanel will shower us with Pearl Espadrilles. Once the Fall Winter 2017 Collection is over, don’t regret it if you are not wearing a pair. Last time we reviewed the Chanel CC Pearl Espadrilles. They were gorgeous shoes with CC logo decorated in Pearls, but there is a second style. Well, let’s talk about that.

Here’s another Chanel Espadrilles. Compared to the Chanel CC Pearl Espadrilles, these shoes don’t have the CC logo decorated in pearls. Instead, it’s crafted with suede CC in bright and sharp colors. The toe is also made in the same style – suede with sharp colors.

The pearls are the most stunning part of this fresh design. There are little pearls stitched all over the Espadrilles as a finishing touch. The amount of pearls is just perfect, not too much and not too little.

These shoes are made from suede and while it’s not easier to maintain like leather, some people do like suede because it fits better and it’s more comfortable. There are different colors available including red, blue and black. The style code is G29762 and priced at $775 USD, €560 euro, £485 GBP, $900 SGD, $860 AUD, $4500 HKD, ¥72360 JPY, ¥4500 CNY
euro via Chanel boutiques.



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Do You Care Where the Components of Your Leather Goods are Made

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Last weekend, The Guardian published a story that probably didn’t surprise or outrage me as much as its writing and editor were hoping. In it, the reporter visited a secretive factory in Romania owned by equally secretive LVMH subsidiary Somarest and observed the factory’s raison d’être: manufacturing the uppers for Louis Vuitton shoes, which would then be shipped to Italy, joined with their attendant soles and legally labeled “Made in Italy,” meeting the letter (if maybe not the spirit) of European trade laws concerning disclosure of a product’s country of origin.

In order for a product to be legally labeled as made in a particular European locale, “the last, substantial, economically justified processing” step has to take place in that country. For shoes, that’s joining the upper to the sole, which Louis Vuitton does in Italy or France. The components are made elsewhere, including in Romania, as is common throughout the luxury industry.

This isn’t a practice brands like to publicize, but it’s also not exactly a secret. Dana Thomas’s 2007 bestseller Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster documented the process extensively, and in 2017, I think most consumers are pretty well-informed about the fact that much of high-end fashion is fantasy—how the sausage is actually made is a little more complicated. After all, most fashion brands are owned by large, corporate conglomerates, and satisfying investors means cutting costs and growing profits. When you’re in the business of making physical goods for sale, that translates to searching out labor markets with lower wage expectations for workers. Designers want to tell consumers the story of the mom-and-pop shops they started out as, but that kind of operation can’t scale at the rate that global capitalism requires.

In my mind, that’s simply a reality of the industry as it stands today, and as long as I’m happy with the quality of a product I’ve bought relative to the price I’ve paid for it (and as long as the brand’s customer service is exemplary when a product falls below reasonable expectations), it doesn’t bother me too much. That might be because I’ve had a decade in the industry to come to terms with its realities, though, so we want to hear from you: do these kinds of manufacturing processes feel deceptive to you as a shopper, and does knowing about them change where you want to shop?

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Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017

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Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017 Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017

Playful shoes with a lively summer as many colors contained in a shoe. Every woman will want to look beautiful and stylish stay in accordance with the personality of each. But sometimes we like to confused to make our styles look different every day, but still comfortable. Playful shoes can be your new options to mix and match your appearance. Playful shoes below can be inspiring you to stay stylish. Comes to feminine impression with a lot of color in the shoes.

Kate Spade Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017Sophia Webster Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017Tory Burch Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017Valentino Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017Alexandre Birman Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017Attico Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017Chloé Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017Dolce Gabbana Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017Giuseppe Zanotti Playful Shoes Spring Summer 2017

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Dior S/S17 #DiorFusion Sneakers

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Move over, boys. You girls will be seeing more of more of Dior’s iconic bee in the Spring-Summer 2017 Womens collection, which till the arrival of Artistic Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, has always been one of Dior Homme’s key signature motifs.

More commonly seen on Dior Homme’s pieces, which must have been originally inspired by Monsieur Christian Dior’s expansive Granville gardens that probably saw its fair share of buzzing bees, he also had this line in his memoirs and it goes, ‘a small hive filled to bursting, that’s what my house was like when I presented my first collection’. Dior also likened his atelier’s seamstresses to the hardworking creatures, calling them ‘bees’ as they meticulously worked for the designer and his collections.

Which brings us to the subject of today’s post and also your first look at Dior Fusion sneakers from the S/S17 collection. Featuring intricate embroidery, the little bees with golden wings sit beautifully on the sneaker which will come in at least two colour variations, one with a black mesh upper, the other, in grey. With a sock-like upper and a white rubber sole emblazoned with Dior’s logo, there’s something about this pair that answers that age-old question shopaholics around the world can surely relate to. ‘What do I wear if I intend on shopping for hours while staying comfy and still look chic?’

While there’s no word yet on how much they will retail for or when they will be launched in Singapore (I’m thinking sometime from mid-February 2017), I’ll leave you with a little bit of fashion trivia you should remember. No, that Italian luxury house didn’t do it first, Dior did.

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Espadrilles are the perfect shoes and they’re hot right now. They are comfortable, easy-to-wear and most importantly – fashionable. There are plenty of Espadrilles available, but have you checked the Celine Babouche Espadrilles?

These shoes are the typical Celine version of Espadrilles, let us explain why…

Actually, it’s quite obvious; the only high fashion brand that creates the V-Neck design on shoes is Celine, just take a look at the top.

Now let’s us explain the name ‘Babouche’, you see, Babouche is a slipper style that’s originally from Marocco. The idea is a pair of slippers that lacks a heel or quarters. Babouche is also a French word for slippers.

As for the details, these Celine Espadrilles are made from lambskin, a super soft leather that feels luxurious. And here are the details you need to know:

Celine Babouche Espadrilles
Style code: 320893NSPC
Prices: $660 USD, €470 euro, £440 GBP, $5200 HKD, $920 SGD, ¥77000 JPY



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Chanel Cruise 2017 Espadrilles

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Chanel has started releasing their Cruise 2017 Espadrilles. To keep up with the Cuban theme collection, Chanel has release a Cuba print style, made of fabric and patent leather. New patent colors are also part of the collection, as well as the iconic Camellia.

Style & Price



Chanel Cuba Print Espadrilles $675.00 (USD)
Chanel Fabric Espadrilles $675.00 (USD)
Chanel Patent Espadrilles $725.00 (USD)
Chanel Linen and Sequin Espadrilles $675.00 (USD)
Chanel Camellia Espadrilles $900.00 (USD)

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