Casio x Hello Kitty Baby-G Limited Edition

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If you’ve been following me all these days, you’ll only know of one cat who can make me go weak in the knees, and that’s none other than Hello Kitty. Well, she’s back with a new collaboration with Casio and here’s what you need to know about the Casio x Hello Kitty Baby-G Limited Edition.

For starters, the designed is inspired by 70’s street graffiti, the Baby-G (the BA-120-KT-7A to be exact) comes with all the features you’ll expect in a watch like this, from shock and water resistance to LED light to help you tell time in the dark. On the watch face you’ll only see her trademark bow, whilst the wrist strap is almost entirely covered with graffiti. Don’t be sad though, you’ll find Hello Kitty engraved onto the back case of the watch, with numbers 9 and 3 making up the ‘eyes’ of this still mouthless kitty. 


Priced at SGD249 a piece (unlike the ‘free’ ones from the #UOBxJaeSukKim collab that you can read about here), you’ll only find this limited edition at Casio’s pop-up store at Bugis Junction along Malay Street which ends in front of InterContinental Hotel on the inside of the mall. To be released this Saturday (10 December 2016), it’s also first come first serve so don’t be a victim of pro-cat-stination and miss out. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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Apple x Hermès Équateur Tatouage Band

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If you’re a Apple fan, or an Hermès fan for that matter, you would already know about the collaboration between both powerhouses on the Apple watch, and with the holiday season just around the corner, here’s something else you can consider for the loved one who already has such a timepiece.

Simply known as the Équateur Tatouage, it’s a new single tour band printed with a scarf motif designed by Robert Dallet on black calfskin. Look closely and you’ll see a leopard lurking amongst the lush jungle foliage, a print from the archives of the French luxury house that dates back to 1988.

Priced at SGD628 (just to be sure, it’s just the band with the watch sold separately), you will only be able to pick it up from Hermès’ newly-renovated boutique at Takashimaya Department Store.

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Cartier: It’s Time For A New LOVE

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It’s a situation most of us are familiar with. There’s something that we love and don’t really mind putting good money down for, but something about it holds us back. And in the case of Cartier’s LOVE bracelet, the more practical amongst you have lamented that because of the way it was designed, taking it off (and subsequently putting it back on) can be quite a hassle, especially when one is alone, and trying to do it all with the specially designed screwdriver is a pain. There, I said it.

With this premise in mind, I’ve got good news. Fans of the Cartier’sLOVE bracelet can now look forward to the newly redesigned LOVE 2.0(that’s what I’m calling it anyway). Instead of needing to unscrew both sides of the bracelet to open it, you now only need to do it to one side, with the other side supported by a new hinge-clasp that’s incorporated into the design.


Also, LOVE 2.0 is more sleek, with bracelets and rings made thinner than the current ones. What does that mean? Well, besides being able to stack more on the same wrist (because who doesn’t love a Cartier #wristparty, right?), it’s also priced much lower. So instead of paying SGD8650 for your regular entry-level models, you’ll only be paying SGD5600 for the new LOVE 2.0 bracelet, with only a slight difference to the way they both look when put side by side. In other words, two-thirds of the price but still looking like a million bucks, which is win-win if you ask me.

To be made available in Singapore at Cartier Ngee Ann City from early December 2016 (and the rest of the Cartier boutiques in Singapore from January 2017), you’ll really have no reason not to anymore. Really.

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Tiffany & Co: A Tiffany Holiday Collection

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Think Tiffany & Co. and their shade of signature robin egg blue comes to mind, on a box that’s then lovingly swathed with a lush white ribbon. And come Christmas Day, I can confidently say most (if not all) women wouldn’t mind finding one or more of these boxes under the tree.

And because Tiffany & Co. has a selection of fancy and fine jewellery so immense that it would take me at least a full year to list every single item here, I’ve gone ahead and picked my personal favourites to make your decision-making process that much easier. See something you like? Send a link to your menfolk and they’ll probably get the hint. They’d better anyway, or else…

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UOB: JSK x G-Shock Limited Edition Watches

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If you’ve been following the blog (and my Instagram account) closely, you’ll be no stranger to celebrated Seoul-born artist Jae Suk Kim, who’s perhaps most famous for his ethereally beautiful illustrations featuring the Susu girl, his playful short-haired muse that’s often depicted wearing the season’s best couture and runway collections. No stranger to big-name brand collaborations either, his well-loved Susu girl has graced digital and social content campaigns for the likes of Bulgari, Cartier and Chanel, just to name a few, as well as international print editions of titles including ELLE, GQ, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue.

For the first time ever (and a treat for those located in Singapore), UOB Cards is proud to announce their close collaboration with Jae Suk Kim to present this pair of limited edition of Casio G-Shock timepieces. Featuring his distinct illustrations in water colours, the first is an all-whiteG-Shock featuring Susu in a beautiful pink gown, while the second features a black/blue camouflage pattern on an all-black G-Shock timepiece. And these aren’t any normal watches either; both resin timepieces feature all the additional bells and whistles you’d expect from a G-Shock, from water resistance (up to 200 m) to mineral glass faces and world time, along with up to 5 alarm pre-sets.

But that’s not all. If you’re familiar with contactless payment, UOB Cardshas taken it a step further by combining it with these designer timepieces. Just SMS the bank and a ‘credit card’ with a contactless chip will be mailed to you. Remove the chip, pop it into the specially designed loop on the timepiece’s wristband and you’re literally good to go. All you’ll have to do? When you want to pay, just wave your watch (or in this case, your wrist) at the contactless payment terminal and you’re all set.

And the best news? They’re free. Yes, free. If you’re a UOB Cardscardmember, all you’ll have to do is spend SGD2500 on your card in Singapore (or overseas) on up to 6 charge slips. That’s it. Once that’s done, simply head down to Mojito Redemption at Plaza Singapore Extension with your card, charge slips and proof of identity to complete the redemption. Limited to one timepiece per cardmember, you can start redeeming these beauties from today till 10 January 2017, or whilst stocks last. For more T&Cs, just follow this link.

Now excuse me while I go figure out who’s been naughty or nice, and start spending on my UOB Card for the holidays. And do act soon, because such a beautifully designed redemption gift will most definitely run out very, very fast.

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Disney Tsum Tsum X SK Jewellery Collection

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I can think of at least 3 reasons why you should read this post. Firstly, it’s Disney Tsum Tsum! Secondly it’s Disney Tsum Tsum! And lastly, it’s Disney Tsum Tsum! Jokes aside though, with the way the world is now, it’s probably smartest to start putting your money into gold, and because not everyone here (me included) can actually afford gold ingots, this would be a start. And since they all come designed with the cutest Tsum Tsum characters as well, this is perhaps the best of both worlds. One of actually buying something that will hold its value in the long run, and adorable AF. Really.

From 999 pure gold charms in the shape of Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh you can ‘stack’ onto the bracelet that’s also available via SK Jewellery, they also have cute Tsum Tsum characters in the form of pendants as well as gold coins (choose from 0.2 or 0.5 gm options) that come printed with cute mugshots of Elsa, Stitch, even Marie from the animated classic Aristocats.


For those who want to ‘splurge’, there are even gold bars that come in either 2 gm or 1 gm options. Well, not exactly gold bars, more sheets of gold than anything else, but you know what I mean. While there’s no word yet on their exact prices, you can now check out the full collection at SK Jewellery showrooms across Singapore. Another Christmas gifting option to put onto your shopping list perhaps?

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