Reader Submitted Review: Exceeded Expectations Again Right Here

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I love reader submitted reviews. Every once and a while (and this is rare) I get tired of hearing my own thoughts and need to see what someone else has to say about all things replica. That`s why I`m so pleased that Nazia Farid offered to share her experiences shopping at Purse with us. It seems that Nazia hit the jackpot with her new Louis Vuitton Antheia PM. You can read all about it below.

“Hey Eva,

I know everyone likes to see pictures before they buy anything and maybe its a bonus when you can see someone elses experience with the company before you make a purchase to help ease any doubt, so here is my experience…

After my 1st ever purchase from Pursevalley late last year, I was confident in buying another LV item as they blew me away before with their quality and assistance BUT can they produce the same kind of quality, same efficient customer service again????…Well…….. A few weeks ago I decided to purchase the Louis Vuitton antheia PM in fumee. I was scared at first but from looking at the pictures on their site and the attention to detail I went ahead with it. Anyway, I ordered it on a Saturday so I presumed it will take longer to arrive due to the weekend and clearance of payment ( I mean I do live in UK)… however, I was still wondering whether I had done the right thing by buying another item or have I just thrown away my money???!!!!…To my surprise the bag was delivered well packed on the following Friday…was I in for a treat!!!

I opened it with my heart in my throat hoping it will be exactly as shown on the site…It was packed very carefully to avoid any damage (obviously it traveled a long way to get to me)..The leather smelt divine, It was so soft to the touch ( I was so excited!!). Every stitch was in place, each marking was correct…I just could not believe it..Pursevalley have exceeded my expectations once again!!!

The bag itself was spacious inside which is important to me as I have a habit of carrying my whole house with me everywhere I go..(come on girls, your never to sure when you need might plasters, safety pins,foot cream, hand cream, nail cream etc etc…my list is endless!!!!) The handles are adjustable so its great when you have the option of carrying it longer than usual over your shoulder. There are 2 open medium size pockets inside for carrying your mobile phone and pens… and one zipped pocket. The only thing I was not too sure about was that it looked quite big for a PM size, I mean when I first opened the package I thought they had sent me it in the GM by mistake, but the measurements were for the PM when compared to the original after I got my handy measuring tape out!! Apart from that I am very pleased with my bag and cannot wait to order more.

I hope my short review will help you ladies out there and agree with me that purse is the best replica site on the internet!!!!!”

I`m sure more than a few gals will agree with you!!! Well, ladies? Has Purse Valley met you expectation? What sites are you shopping at these days?

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The 70`s Return – This Time To Stay

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The 70`s trend has hit like a wave of warm air, and it`s nothing to flutter at. Virtually every designer under the sun is deep into it, from Hermes to Marc Jacobs, to Gucci and everywhere in between. It`s not only handbags either, but a full on fashion renaissance of 70`s glamour, 70`s boho, 70`s disco flare…you get the picture. The question is, are you ready for it?

Personally, I couldn`t be more excited about the coming spring style. You`ve already heard about the return of platform wedges, flared pants, culottes, those gorgeous floppy hats, billowing maxi dresses, crochet, macramé…now let`s talk handbags!

70`s Style Handbags

There are several directions to take if you want the 70`s magic. The examples are all replica!

· 70`s Glamour (Think extreme high quality leather)

· 70`s Boho (Think suede, macramé, crochet bags and the iconic Dior Gaucho)

· Disco-like Neon (Think bright, color-blocked and shimmering)

My 70`s Trend Replica Handbag of Choice

This is what`s currently getting me out of bed in the mornings – the prospect of my new replica Hermes Constance arriving in the mail from! This is utterly classic and right on trend. It`s my evening bag of choice for this spring.

The Constance oozes with 70`s vibe and features the key characteristics of this season`s trendy evening bags: premium quality leather on a small sized shoulder bag (11×7), with an extra long strap.

Big Trend: The Belt Bag

I feel like Gucci didn`t even know it when they created this a few years back…they were ahead of their time. The belt bag is the prototypical 70`s look and there`s never been a better time for it than now. While it`s obviously easy-peasy to carry it also draws attention to your figure by pulling in the waist, and goes great with those long flowing dresses!

Go To It!

The trick to embracing the 70`s while staying contemporary (and not looking like a throwback) is to mix it up with contemporary styles and fabrics that were not available then. Indulge but don`t go head to toe!

To pull it off you`ll need to nurture the confidence, unabashed sexuality, and defiant independence that characterize the 70`s woman; so make this the season of bold fashion! Any questions?

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Flashy Style Trends: Neon Vs Animal Prints

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Neon and animal prints are two huge trends that have been occupying my attention all week. Marc Jacobs, LV, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, YSL, D&G…you name it. They`re all doing neon and leopard – sometimes both on the same bag! Both are bold, bright, and seem wrong in that conservative dressing part of your brain. Don`t fear the risks! Here`s how to indulge the trend without losing sight of your own personal style.

Indulge, But Don`t Overdo It

The neon and animal print trends for this year (reoccurring and morphing since the start of this 80`s revival in 2009) are bigger than just handbags. They`ve spilled over into all accessories and clothes. So, step one is choose your weapon! Just as you should calm a neon skirt or pant with a neutral shirt, if you`re going to go with a neon bag, let it be the color focus. Do not overdo it. The same goes for animal prints. The best advice for both is to start small. So like, start with a single electric pink purse and work your way up to the beaming disco princess outfit of your fantasies.

Replica Handbags – Go Neon Over Animal Print

I buy almost exclusively replica handbags, as you may know. I swear by them. One thing I`ve found is an unfortunate low quality in animal print styles in general when it comes to replica. Avoid them. If it`s meant to be real animal fur or leopard skin it never is, and even synthetic designs come out poorly in replica. My advice is go with neon! Personally, I way prefer this trend anyway. Not only is it more interesting, fun, and original, it`s also been done way better by the big designers, and, you can skip the weird feeling of wearing an endangered leopard`s fur. Neon is the hotter trend for the coming spring.

My Favorite Neon Styles

I think Marc Jacobs is ultimately the man behind this neon rebirth, so I tend to prefer his styles both his own (like the amazing Lovebird Tote below), and the Louis Vuitton. I`ve always loved the LV graffiti from 2009 that Jacobs did with Stephen Sprouse. If you thought it was going out of style, think again! Jimmy Choo has mastered the neon revival, and even coupled it with a leopard print – gorgeous! Finally, I love the pinks and lime greens that Balenciaga has been working into leather bags lately.

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This Season`s Lesser Known Classic Chloe Handbag

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To continue on my alternative designers kick, and to find the perfect purse for all you ladies who love something a little less obvious, that`ll keep the fashionistas guessing, I present the Chloe Marcie. A superb, saucy, scintillating, chic (gasp!) gorgeous purse, and one of my current favourite replica handbags.

Chloe Marcie: The Perfect Autumn Purse

Doesn`t it just make you nostalgic for something or another? At this time of the year the soft leather, the autumn color palette and the crispness of it really just make the Marcie the best bag I can think of for a fall day. It`s currently available in fall colours at severalreplica handbags vendors in the $200-$300 range. This one in leather is a $1500 purchase if you were after the real one. In alligator skin it`s more like $4000.

Who Wears It?

Rachel Bilson, Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba with Marcies

Rachel Bilson, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Anna Paquin, Anne Hathaway—to name a few, have been seen all over with the Chloe Marcie in hand. (In the case of Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba all over means just about everywhere they go. This is the favourite purse of both women). Chloe has always been a look you could imagine on the Harvard campus, or out in the English countryside, and definitely for the fall season as I say, but these ladies show off the versatility. How hot is it with Jessica Alba`s cutoffs and tank top?

I still prefer this look above for both Jessica Alba and the Chloe Marcie. For me it`s best when dressed up elegantly for a day on the town—nothing you wear to a fancy gala or something, but not a bag you throw down next to you in the sand at the beach either. The perfect balance for day to day style. Are you with me?

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Used Bags And Second Rate Site

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I`ve received a lot of questions my readers and they all seemed to be wary of the site. So, going into this review I really had low expectations for quality. Even still, I did not expect that when I ordered a replica Lady Dior bag from them they would send me a used bag! I couldn`t believe it, I was incensed. But, being the generous person that I am, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and ask them about the mistake. And, guess what: I still haven`t received a response from them. If I had to summarize my feelings about this site in two words, I`d say “Stay Away!”


I`ve shopped at a lot of replica sites in my day and not all of them have been good. Nope, in fact, I`ve come across some real awful sites selling tacky, cheap bags. But, never have I had someone try and sell me a used bags. Excuse me Deluxe Purse, but if I wanted a used bag I`d be shopping at the Salvation Army, not a site that claims to be selling designer replica bags. This is sacrilege! Have a look at the images below and you`ll see what I mean -there`s wear on the straps and marks on the bottom. On top of this, the Christian Dior text is poorly rendered and uneven. My guess is that they sold someone else this bag, that person wore it around for a while until she realized that it wasn`t a passable replica, and sent it back to them. And, then they tried to sell it to me! What a sham!


I know I talk about selection in every review I post, but I`m starting to wonder whether it`s worthwhile. Really, selection is the easiest and most common things that online shops get right. Almost every site I come across has a large selection of designer bags from all the big names – is no exception to this. In fact, Deluxe Purse goes even further than a lot of sites in carrying replicas from some of the smaller (but equally fantastic) designers like Marni, Givenchy, and Samantha Thavasa. But here`s the problem: There bags aren`t good (or new)! Basically, gives you the option of choosing from a wide selection of crap!


As I already mentioned, this site is low on information, and shipping is no exception to this. They basically tell you that it will take 24 hours to confirm your order, then they`ll get to shipping it. They have no idea how long it will take, but are gracious enough to give you a tracking number so that you can figure that out for yourself. Poor customer service! I received my order in 10 business days – which isn`t that bad, but could they not have taken the time to tell me that?

Return Policy

I have no complaints with the return policy at You have 7 days to return if there is a problem with the bag, a problem with shipping, or if you are plain dissatisfied. This is standard, and they tell it to you straight.

Site Usability

I found this site to be obnoxious to navigate. I kept going to pages to find them completely empty – where`s the About US guys? Where`s the FAQ section? And, like so many bad sites it`s hard to understand the text because it`s written so poorly. Um, does anyone speak English at Deluxe Purse? On top of all that, the site is designed badly – it`s hard to get from point A to B.


What kind of site doesn`t respond to client questions? A bad one, I`d wager. I tried to get a hold of Deluxe Purse to try and find out why they sent me a used purse and why so much of their site information is missing, and they never got back to me! It seems that I made a huge mistake with this site in not contacting them before I ordered. But hey, you live and learn, no?

My Humble Conclusion

My humble conclusion is that this site sucks. I`m not usually this blunt – you guys know me! – but I got nothing but bad from my experiences The site is poorly designed and poorly written. Their customer service staff is either non-existent or not at all interested in serving customers. And, worst of all, the Dior bag I got from them is used – I`m sure of it. Finding terrible sites like this just makes me so angry! I hate knowing that people like this are out there scamming the pants off of good people. Argh!!

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Keeping Your Purse Light, Keeping Your Back Happy!

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About once a month I like to treat myself to a real professional massage (I get extra ones from my hubby when I`m lucky!). A good massage can be both relaxing and invigorating, and I find I feel happier and more active after I`ve had one. Stacy, my massage therapist, is a real gem, and we always spend a lot of time talking about men and fashion…you know, girl talk. Well, yesterday I had my monthly meeting with Stacy, and I was in bad shape, so she straight out asked me – “How much are you carrying your purse?” – so I told her, “Just the essentials: my compact, my iPhone, my camera, my darling replica Gucci wallet, a water bottle, some treats for the kids, mints, painkillers, an organizer…” and the list went on. Well, let me tell you , Stacy just about had a fit when she heard my list! “You carry THAT much on your shoulder?!!!! Of course you`ve got a bad back.”

So, I got to thinking, maybe it is time I thin out my purse. The more stuff I shove in the, the more the purse starts to look bulky and irregular anyway. And, it sure would feel nice for my back to be relaxed for change.

Clearing the Clutter

The first thing I did was clear out all the unnecessary, old stuff. In one of my favourite old replica Hermes workbags I found receipts from 2007. That`s crazy! Other stuff that I parted with: old magazines, tonnes of old business cards, knitting needles (never used), coupons, a handheld GPS unit (my husbands` idea), and a harmonica (don`t ask!), not to mention all of the multiples (7 different lipsticks, eeek!).

Minimize Items to Maximize Comfort

Ok – so, the second thing I had to do was figure out what I really needed with me all the time. For instance – do I really need my camera when I`m going to the drugstore? No! So, now I only put my camera in my purse when I know I`m really going to need it and I take it out when I don`t.

Keep Things Organized

Each purse is organized in a different way – from simple pouches to bags with multiple compartments. In each purse you own, keep dedicated places for your essential items – i.e., the cell phone pouch. This will help you know exactly what`s in your purse, will keep you from losing things easily, and help you keep clutter out.

Carry a Smaller Bag

People tend to fill up the size of their containers. If you carry a big handbag, chances are you`ll put a whole lot of stuff into it. I`m going to try and stick to my medium-to-small bags so that I can`t stuff them full of nonsense. Let`s hope it works!

Things You Should NOT Put in a Handbag…Ever

Now, here are a few of the worst things I`ve seen people stick into their handbags – things that make a great bag look awful!

1. Dog

Ok, so I know I might get some flack from ladies who look like to tuck their poodle into their pouch, but I think it`s silly. Leave your dog to frolick in the backyard and keep your designer handbag hair free!

2. Baby

Babies are cute. Handbags are cute. Does that mean they should be put together? No way!

3. Flowers

Absurd? YES. I love flowers, but I wouldn’t ruin my handbag with them!

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