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Oh, did we tell you about the expansion of the Deauville Collection? Yes, now it includes the Clutch With Chain Bag, Classic Wallets and even O Cases. But there’s more! Instead of the colorful and canvas-soft Deauville, you can also temporary get the Chanel Studded Logo Deauville Tote Bag. It’s exclusively available for the Cruise 2018 Collection (not featured on the Chanel website).

The Design


What’s actually so special about the Deauville Bag? Well, first of all it’s usually crafted in Canvas, but this version seems to be like made in a different material or it is the same material but used in different way. The shape is the same as the original Deauville Tote Bag, but the experience is completely new.

This Deauville Bag is much smoother, but it feels also strong and durable. The woven chain strap option for shoulder carry is still the same as well as the curvy handles for hand carry. What’s also new is the complete solid color choices, if you like classic stuff, then take the black shade.

The logo has also been altered. The logo on the Deauville Bag that we’re used to reads: ‘CHANEL, CC, 31 Rue Cambon Paris’. This latest Deauville Bag with Studs Logo reads: ‘Chanel, CC, Paris’. So the 31 Rue Cambon letters have been removed, perhaps there wasn’t enough space.

But anyway, the logo is studded, creating a nice urban-chic appeal. So what do you think? Is this love?

The Interior

Naturally, a big bag has big interior space. Inside the Deauville Bag, you can find one big compartment to store all your personal stuff and more. This is a perfect bag for any occasions; for work, as a travel bag and even for the casual days and the weekends.

The Prices And Sizes

Unfortunately, we do not have the prices right now. But there are two sizes:

Chanel Small Deauville Studded Logo Tote Bag
Size: TBD
Prices: TBD

Chanel Deauville Studded Logo Tote Bag
Size: 11.8’ x 15.3’ x 8.6’ inches
Prices: TBD

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